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43 Amazing Modern Bathroom Ideas for You to Try Right Now

Modern bathroom ideas are the latest trends in bathroom design. This article will give you some modern bathroom ideas that will help you spruce up your bathroom space.

Modern-style bathrooms emphasize clean lines, primary colours, natural materials and geometric patterns. Unsurprisingly, they possess a calming charm. Are you looking for a clutter-free retreat? These modern bathroom ideas are perfect.

Modern beauty exists in the simplest of spaces, like a bathroom. You don’t need an elaborate interior to make it feel luxurious – check out these fantastic modern bathrooms.

1. Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs

modern bathroom ideas

A modern bathroom need not be cold and clinical. Use this gorgeous space as inspiration to make your place welcoming and stylish.

Moreover, the floating vanity is open and designed to accommodate extra towels on its shelf. Moroccan lanterns act as decorative elements in this bathroom.

2. Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

The rectangular wall tiles are available in various colours, including taupe and white. They both coordinate with other home décor and produce an expansive effect.

Tiles cover the built-in niches and a corner shower wall. They add visual interest and dimension to the bathroom, making it an eye-catching place to have a relaxing bath or shower.

3. Modern Bathroom Shower

modern bathroom design

The large glass walls create a feeling of openness in this bathroom. The shelf is hidden, and the stainless steel towel bars are within arm’s reach, so you never climb to get what you need.

Furthermore, the unfinished wood inside this bathroom infuses a particularly welcoming warmth. Lastly, the oval tub and sinks make the space seem soft and comforting. Check out these fun bathroom shower ideas. I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire your shower.

4. Modern Floating Vanity

best modern bathroom

There is a contrast between the light grey tiles and the bright white paint. There is a soaking tub in the bathroom and lots of natural lighting.

This rustic bathroom features a floating vanity, wall niche, and mirror frame, balancing the relaxed, natural elements in the room. Plants add a natural touch to space and create a room with a calming feel.

5. Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

The white fixtures and tile help give the bathroom a bright appearance. A pedestal tub, wall-hung sink, and shower bench lend the space a trendy design.

Downlights in the bathroom bounce light around after the sunsets. The black accent wall gives this room dramatic air. Recessed shelves give you an exciting place to store toiletries and towels.

6. Modern Bathroom Plan

modern minimal bathroom

The masculine vibe of this bathroom comes from its polished concrete walls, which have a textured finish. Stainless steel details emphasize its industrial aesthetic.

The simplistic wall-mounted vanity and tankless toilet create a calming environment. A rectangular mirror makes it look like the room is more extensive, adding simplicity.

7. Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanities

modern style bathrooms

The grey L-shaped vanity creates a particular use for an awkward nook. Streamline pulls on the drawers and rounded sink edges offer a more mid-century modern look.

A glass panel in the shower, living windows and shades of mirrors add a feeling of space to the bathtub. A potted plant adds life to the room. Read about this fascinating collection of mid century bathroom ideas that will be inspiring and eye-catching.

8. Modern Bathroom Designs 2017

modern bathroom design

It is the perfect bathroom for couples. There are double sinks and two large mirrors, which gives each person plenty of space to get ready without fighting over the mirror or sink.

This bathroom is accentuated by a shower wall made of cement blocks to get the rustic look, while cabinets stocked with bath necessities make it feel like home. Make your room feel more natural and bright with plenty of windows.

9. Mid Century Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

best modern bathroom

Windows and skylights provide a window for sunlight to enter the room. Mid-century modern light fixtures illuminate the area at night.

Grey walls and metallic elements contribute to a masculine aesthetic. The addition of white, delicate flowers leads guests toward the gender-neutral bathroom.

10. Modern Bathroom Cabinets

modern style bathrooms

Bathrooms with brown wall tiles give a homely feel and modern features such as glass panels, handle-free cabinets, and square mirrors. The wide white tub surrounded by the oval sinks looks excellent in these bathrooms. Check out these exciting bathroom cabinet ideas that will inspire you to redesign your home!

11. Modern Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

Heavy reliance on whites gives the room a clean, clinical look. Frameless mirrors and mosaic tiles framed in wood may give you the illusion of added space in your bathroom. The ornament and dark towel break up the starkness with softness. The light fixtures ensure it’s not too dark.

12. Modern Bathroom Vanity IKEA

best modern bathroom

A black floating cabinet, floor-to-ceiling windows and white units evoke a feeling of sophistication. Wood details and stonework bring the outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling built-in niches give you a place to store your towels or toiletries when not in use.

13. Modern Glass Bathroom

modern style bathrooms

Cream-coloured floor, countertops, and walls throughout the bathroom provide a sense of calm. The glass doors surrounding the showering area give it an upscale feel. Tub, chairs, and fixtures all emphasize the mid-century modern style.

14. Dark Modern Bathroom Walls

modern style bathrooms

The durable, black slate tiles in this bathroom create a masculine mood, and the rain showerhead provides both style and charm. The open shelf above the vanity and dichroic glass doors lend it a modern touch. Finally, adding warmth to space is a light-coloured wood bench.

15. Modern Bathroom Designs 2019

modern bathroom design

This white soaking tub echoes the shape of wood-look tiles. Along with a caddy tray, it provides a simple and elegant touch to this bathroom. And those potted plants? They’re ideal for creating a genuine interior garden ambience complete with fresh air!

16. Modern Bathroom Sinks Home Depot

modern style bathrooms

This dated attic bathroom has been transformed into an aesthetically pleasing space with hexagon tile, a navy clawfoot tub, and beadboard wall panelling.

Modern design displays the under-mount sink and the metal and wood vanity with open shelves. The area’s centrepiece is a large container of flowers and greenery that adds warmth to this monochromatic bathroom.

17. Mid Century Modern Shower Curtains

modern bathroom design

When in the design phase for a small bathroom, designers utilize white paint and brass fixtures to create an illusion of space.

A pink shower curtain, coral rug, and peach vase create a feminine atmosphere. The wood texture used to construct this space has been taken raw, which gives it a welcoming touch.

18. Modern Bathroom Faucets

best modern bathroom

This bathroom is the epitome of modern. The stainless steel fixtures, handleless cabinets and toilets are minimal in design while maintaining a sophisticated look with grey-wood tiles and stainless steel faucets.

19. Modern Industrial Style Shower

modern style bathrooms

Neutral tones evoke a tranquil shower environment. Metallic hardware and a chrome-plated showerhead offer an industrial touch in the bathroom which features white tiles. Lastly, this space contains a small niche with storage for your bare bath essentials.

20. Small Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

The afternoon light shines through the skylights in the bathroom, making it feel cheery and bright. At night, downlights and wall sconces provide more than enough illumination. The wood details add to this space’s charm, while a large mirror gives perspective on your surroundings.

21. Modern Round Vanity Mirror

modern bathroom design

The blue ceiling and walls contrast with the mosaic tile’s colours. The vanity mirror recalls the shape and colour of the sink, but with white curtains providing privacy so that you can get dressed as if you had your room. The wood accents make it feel comfortable even on cold days.

22. Modern Bathroom Floating Unit

modern bathroom design

A variety of shades of grey provides this bathroom with depth and dimension. White tub sinks and counters are an emblem of cleanliness. Floating wood cabinets and wall-mounted mirrors disguise the less attractive features in this space.

23. Luxury Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

The deep blue stripes on the walls make you feel like the ceiling is higher and add a modern vibe. The oval tub and towels are at the centre of attention without distractions from paintings, chandeliers, or stools.

Having a stylish sanctuary does not mean you have to sacrifice your taste. Use geometric shapes and decorations to infuse personality into the bathroom. We hope after reading those modern ideas for bathrooms, you are inspired!

24. Open Plan Modern Bathroom

modern bathroom design

The open-plan design of this bathroom makes it perfect for smaller spaces, but the excellent features make it a lot worth the effort. Monochrome patterns, minimal decorative elements, and geometrically styled squares make the wet room style even more modern while staying true to its name. The shower also has triple glazed frosted glass with an extractor fan and is fitted.

25. Warm Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

Modern bathrooms need to be clean and well-lit, but sometimes luxury can appear appealing. This contemporary master bath features warm colours with touches of wood for balance – a simple oasis in our busy lives where we are welcomed by welcoming decor.

26. Square Shape Modern Bathroom

modern style bathrooms

With its hue-free modern interior, this modern bathroom features a bathtub that doesn’t conform to the typical tub design of today.

Windows in this bathroom look out into the garden and even further down to more rooms, making it feel open despite its private aspect with natural light coming from outside. The tub’s warmth can relieve stress or exhaustion after a long work week.

27. Hard-Wood Floor Modern Bathroom

modern style bathrooms

Although marble looks like it would be cool to the touch, this modern bathroom features hardwood floors with a casual but clean finish that contrasts the sleek shower stall. Warm and cool lights accentuate from either side of the room for a stimulating effect.

28. Frameless Modern Bathroom Design

modern bathroom design

This bathroom features a frameless mirror and frameless shower cubicle to create a minimalist design that is both functional and attractive. This one is ideal for a room that doesn’t need a lot of colour or personality because of its neutral tones.

29. Mid Century Modern Bathroom

modern style bathrooms

The style of this modern bathroom is a callback to the 1950s and 1960s, with rounded corners being famous in design. In contrast to neutral beige tile found throughout the space, dark wood panelling adds an extra mid-century touch that calls you back to what’s not just your plain old contemporary living room anymore.

30. Intriguing Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

The dark, square tiles contrast with the geometric shapes of this modern bathroom. These neutral pieces differ the distressed wood in an organic way that creates balance. This modern space features many exciting design elements like circular mirrors or cylindrical pedestal sinks, making for a masculine interior aesthetic.

31. Rain Shower Modern Bathroom

modern minimal bathroom

It may surprise you that showers have begun to include rainfall effects. The showerhead offers a gentle water pressure and creates an aura of tranquillity with its soothing downpour effect. It puts any stressful thoughts on hold for just one moment while the user washes away their worries under this natural rainfall-like experience.

32. Bright Color Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

You can give a contemporary bathroom an uplifting brightness with colour, especially if it’s just one hue. Use a saturated yellow (similar to this modern master bath), red, blue or green for the best effect. Not many people will have colours like that on their walls, so stand out from the crowd!

33. Natural Stone Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

Modern luxury bathrooms that emulate spa-like experiences are often constructed with a bathtub embedded on top of some pebbles. Natural stones and wooden elements create various themes that complement the modern look.

34. Graphic Lines Modern Bathroom

best modern bathroom

One hot modern bathroom trend that is sure to bring your space up-to-date is adding graphic lines. This pink and black bathroom oozes a postmodern vibe with solid geometric shapes while working well in almost any colour scheme. Painting one wall a lighter shade also creates depth and perspective for the room.

35. Wall Planters Modern Bathroom Ideas

modern bathroom ideas

The circular planters filled with live greenery on the wall add a lively touch to the modern bathroom. The white walls and colourful tile offer a striking yet uncomplicated décor framed by plants that bring freshness into space.

36. Stone Wall Modern Bathroom

modern style bathrooms

It’s possible to make space stand out by using textured feature walls. The extruding stone wall would still look nice, but they wouldn’t have the same wow factor. Adding focused lighting for some extra flair is essential.

37. Copper Bath and Sinks

modern style bathrooms

It is said that copper is calming, so it is no wonder that copper bath fixtures can give your bathroom a spa-like feel. The traditional style roll-top of this tub is very different from the modern one. It gives you a lot of room for relaxing after work.

38. Choose A Modern Bath

modern bathroom design

The modern bathroom is a place to escape from the outside world and be creative. The dark walls give it an elegant feel, while the raised bath is a showpiece. The fireplace and steam shower, and tub are available for your enjoyment.

39. Modern Bathroom Faucets

modern bathroom design

If you want to change a bland bathroom into something more eye-catching, consider using two different colours. A dark Vanity wall works well with the black vessel basin, while an adjacent light-coloured wall makes the white toilet pop on both ends.

40. Home Spa Oasis In Your Modern Bathroom

modern style bathrooms

If you’re fortunate enough to stay in this home, you’ll get a spa service wherever you go. The warm woods, graphic tiles, and sleek fittings give this modern bathroom an inviting look that can be enjoyed from any perspective.

41. Contemporary Modern Basement Bathroom

contemporary bathroom ideas

A lighter and greyer colour scheme is used in modern design. If you like this style, contemporary may be the right choice for you. Your bathroom design will never go out of style because modern designs are trendy.

42. Modern Bathroom Mats

modern style bathrooms

If you let your feet take a break from the hard floor, they will feel like walking on the soft grass. That’s what these bathroom mats can do.

43. Boutique Modern Bathroom

modern minimal bathroom

Couples will no longer argue at night after adding a second basin or Vanity Unit. When it comes to modern bathroom design, this is a beauty tip that everyone should note to avoid unwanted fights amongst loved ones!

Many people are now turning to modern bathroom ideas because they are more convenient and can easily blend in with the home’s overall decor. If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom, then modern bathroom ideas are good to start.

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