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23 Amazing Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas You Should Copy

Bathroom wallpaper ideas are the perfect way to bring more style to your bathroom and relax easily. Browse through this collection of bathroom wallpaper ideas and enjoy creating your own unique space.

Don’t worry if your bathroom is tiny. Wallpaper can transform a room from drab to dazzling without taking up any floor space because it’s mounted on the wall. I want to share some of my favorite bathroom wallpaper with you today.

What options do you have for bathroom wallpaper? The variety of patterns, colors, and styles is nearly endless. These beautifully wallpapered bathrooms will leave you amazed.

1. Jungle Wallpaper Ideas

best bathroom wallpaper

There is a jungle-themed wallpaper used on the accent wall of this contemporary bathroom. A tropical bird and tree design are included in this design. It is soon transformed into a unique look that is all it’s own.

The small bathroom is adorned with a makeup bag, mirror, wall hanging, and potted plants. The white paint on the walls contrasts perfectly with the pastel green of the furniture to create a calming atmosphere.

2. Blue and White Bathroom Wallpaper

beautiful bathroom wallpaper

Despite its white color scheme, this room appears brighter, airier, and more spacious than it is. In addition to that, the room seems to be bigger than its standard size.

This wallpaper in navy and blue hues provides a fun and easy way to remodel the bathroom without losing its flat and straightforward looks. The golden accents provide an elegant touch to the otherwise understated appearance of this dress.

3. Bathroom Wallpaper Lowes

bathroom wall ideas

This bathroom features wallpaper that has a grasscloth pattern. The colors should provoke comfort and provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to plain walls.

Framed artwork, an iron towel bar, and a black-framed mirror stand against the subtle backdrop. The vanity with the shelf evokes a feeling of space. Here are some interesting bathroom vanity ideas you will want to see.

4. Elegant Bathroom Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper ideas

In this picture, you can see the silver metallic wallpaper adds a sleek look to the bathroom walls. The reflective texture highlights metallic elements such as window blinds and drawer knobs.

Marble floor and countertop bring a timeless feel to the room, while sconces and candleholders provide your bathroom with a touch of elegant appeal.

5. Floral Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

bathroom wall ideas

Gray wainscoting on the walls and white base molding helps create a comfortable bathroom. Meanwhile, dark wood inlay helps to warm up the area.

The floral design on one side of the wallpapers brings color to the area and creates the client’s illusion in a Victorian-style room.

6. Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2018

bathroom wallpaper ideas

White shiplap cabinetry, doors, and a soaking bathtub give the space an easter-egg cottage feel. Using greenery, unfinished woodwork, and natural textures creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the outdoors.

Using a light gray colored wallpaper in this setting creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, the tree branch towel bar and linens have also been spotlighted as the focal point of attention.

7. Bathroom Proof Wallpaper

small bathroom wallpaper

Adding a navy vanity to your bathroom will make it instantly more exciting and dramatic. A beautiful look can be achieved by contrasting black cabinets and countertops with white walls and countertops.

A colorful wallpaper depicting birds and butterflies brightens up the room, giving it a more natural look. In addition to the flowers in the vase, the room’s decoration is also enlivened by their presence.

8. Banana Leaf Wallpaper Bathroom

bathroom wall covering

The bathroom consists of tropical motifs like banana leaf wallpaper and a sea shell bathtub. The decoration of the space is enhanced and adds to the feeling of tranquility in the area.

Furthermore, a bathing space decorated in darker shades and accented with white keeps the eyes overwhelmed. There is no doubt that the gold decoration transforms a room instantly into a glamorous environment.

9. Cheap Bathroom Wallpaper

bathroom wall ideas

Have you considered wallpaper paper for your space but not decided yet? Try the house-themed wallpaper. It has lovely color patterns and bright colors.

The cream-colored floor evokes a tranquil sense, and coordinating linens add a level of organization to the overall design.

10. Wallpaper for Bathrooms Laura Ashley

best bathroom wallpaper

A wallpapered wall decorated in fresh flowers in a pink glass vase adds a feminine touch to this modern bathroom wallpaper ideas. The wallpapered walls are covered in white and blue floral patterns.

11. Water Resistant Wallpaper

small bathroom wallpaper

While the bathroom wallpaper in this example contrasts starkly with bold colors that grab your attention, it also complements other space features. The white lace net designed into the fabric catches the eye and highlights a critical element of an ornamental marble countertop.

12. Vintage Botanical Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper ideas

This bathroom is anything from dull, owing to the antique birds-and-trees wallpaper on the walls. They instantly add flair to the environment. The motif is completed by fresh flowers, a semi-flush mount ceiling light, and wall sconces.

13. Contemporary Botanical Wallpaper

bathroom wall paneling

Mirrors provide the illusion of more space, which is an excellent way to glamorize a living area. Marble sinks set the tone for a glamorous bathroom, and rattan shelves hold extra towels and books that may need to be stored.

Furthermore, the wallpaper in this bathroom features invigorating botanical prints that prevent the space from being dull and drab. These elements, along with greenery, create an atmosphere of life and vibrancy in this space.

14. Whimsical Wallpaper for Bathrooms

beautiful bathroom wallpaper

Floating gray vanities carry the tendency to make you feel comfortable and at ease when they are paired with white cabinets, countertops, and doors. This clean feeling is balanced with the brown wooden panels decorating the walls, which provide a warm feeling.

There is something very captivating about the black-and-white zebra wallpaper gracing the walls in this room. Adding the appeal of fresh flowers can make a room look more beautiful.

15. Newspaper Wallpaper Bathroom

best bathroom wallpaper

The color-free monochrome wallpapers of this attic bathroom undeniably provide an old-fashioned feeling to the bathing space. A basket made of rattan sits atop a toilet, holding paper rolls.

16. Removable Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

bathroom wall ideas

Windows and light colors give this small bathroom the feel of a larger space. A bold rug adds an inviting touch to the white and gray floor.

Wallcoverings can be cumbersome, expensive, and often difficult to remove, not so with the super easy-to-remove wallcovering that you will find.

17. Dark Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

bathroom wallpaper ideas

This bathroom is mind-blowing. Black crocodile wallpaper adorns the walls, complemented by a crystal chandelier and white marble floor. A gold accent and gray checkered tile give an otherwise gloomy room unmatched luxury.

18. Modern Wallpaper for Bathrooms

small bathroom wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper brings visual interest to a room without overburdening the eye. It produces a modern and refreshing appeal and warms up a cool-toned bathroom with natural wooden flooring.

19. Black and White Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

bathroom wallpaper ideas

While this powder room has a monochromatic color scheme, it still looks exciting, thanks to the rose wallpaper. The yellow towel contrasts nicely against the background as it hangs off the wall. Small decorative sconces improve light while reflecting beautifully in the mirror. Browse these interesting bathroom towel ideas that you will want to see.

20. Vinyl Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

bathroom wall ideas

You can see that the white and blue floral wallpaper on the walls contributes significantly to making the room look visually appealing. This corner bathtub has a two-tone design that adds to the sense of coziness. Adding a marble countertop to the kitchen will add a touch of elegance.

21. Bathroom Wallpaper Waterproof

best bathroom wallpaper

The floor and walls are covered in dark tile laid out in a stack bond pattern, giving the room an air of seriousness. Metallic floral prints on purple wallpaper add a sense of style, while white units offer a striking contrast to the blue tiles.

22. Marble Bathroom Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper ideas

This bathroom exudes style, thanks to black marble and wall coverings that are the color of a crocodile’s scales.

Additionally, these elements make the space of nature seem luxurious. Metallic sconces and shapely mirrors finish things off.

23. Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2019

bathroom wallpaper ideas

White horizontal wainscoting panels and vertical striped wallpaper create a crisp atmosphere in the design of this bath. A freestanding tub, velvet chair, and area rug carry the relaxing vibe into an otherwise confined space.

Those bathroom wallpaper ideas are worth trying. Pick the wallpaper that meets your budget, the color scheme in your bathroom, and what you think is trendy. Finally, make sure that it can withstand water and humidity to last a long time.

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