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30 Amazing Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Inspire You

The smell of fresh flowers in your bathroom will brighten up your day. As you beautify yourself, you will feel your stress fade away. I’ve gathered a few creative bathroom storage ideas to get you started.

This list of tips and tricks will encourage you to maximize your space. From open shelves to a chic bathroom storage tower, at least one detail will stun you.

1. Awesome Rustic Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

An unfinished wood furnishings fill this bathroom for a rustic look. Below the white sink sits a custom shelf that displays extra linens and beauty products.

In addition to its bonus space, the chair offers a high back. The basket is neatly positioned next to spare towels and a wooden basket.

2. Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

storage over toilet

Are you in possession of a small bathroom? You don’t have to worry about it. Taking advantage of your vertical space is a great idea. The white toilet wall should have black open shelves.

Organize the shelves with towels, framed artwork, fresh greenery, and tissue rolls. You can hang a painting between the rack in the lower part of the bathroom and the toilet tank lid at last.

3. Bathroom Storage Ideas Pinterest

bathroom storage ideas

Despite the small space, this bathroom boasts ample storage thanks to a dark wood wall cabinet. As well as being homey, it has a strong sense of comfort.

Additionally, the cabinet has shelves for storing cleaning products and towels. The items are therefore always accessible.

4. Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

On the right side of a pedestal sink is a cubby storage cabinet. Decorative items in the bathroom are held in baskets and boxes to keep them off the ground.

Over the white cubby organizer, the homeowner arranged a wooden tray, a plant, and decorative items. Folded towels rest on a bar stool in bold blue.

5. Bathroom Storage Tower Fits Any Space

bathroom towel storage

The tower is made up of white storage cubes built to a size that blends seamlessly into the walls. The building creates an atmosphere that’s airy and accessible, which is perfect for the company.

The open shelves of the cabinet tower are displaying everything that needs to be kept together. The closed doors of the cabinet tower are concealing items that may need cleaning.

6. Amazing Ensuite Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

The latest trend in home decor is to use black shelves against a white hexagon-tiled backdrop. There is a guarantee that the eye will catch it and scan the area of the homeowner’s vision.

The glasses and skincare products sit mesmerizingly on the shelf. A gold mirror greets you as you enter the bathroom. In addition, gold accents are strategically placed in the bathroom to make it more gamified.

7. Elegant Wheeled Bathroom Storage

small bathroom storage

With a metal shelf, you don’t have to worry about the frames being permanent fixtures of your space, so you can quickly move them to a corner or into a garage when they’re not in use. If you’re looking for an attractive storage option without the need for built-in shelves, metal is a great choice.

The black carriage cart is perfect for storing towels and other bathing essentials. It lends a chic feel to the bathroom decor and makes showering seem like you’re on a Victorian Holiday.

8. Bathroom Storage Ideas with a Modern

bathroom storage ideas

Mirrors and light tones offer a brighter ambience. A black cabinet with one pull-out drawer underneath a white sink is attention-grabbing. Use an open cabinet above the sink to display a collection of colorful dishes and glasses.

Tile flooring offers ease of maintenance and a sturdy feel. Use light-tone wood cabinets to highlight the black granite countertops. The wardrobe offers a modern design and is equipped with towel bars for additional storage options.

The vanity includes the 32 in. high-arc design that allows for comfortable use from any height. The classic design blends beautifully with any bathroom style, making it a welcome addition to your home.

9. New Freestanding Bathroom Storage

best bathroom storage

The above white freestanding cabinet stands in contrast with the green walls. The design requires less floor space because it is slender and does not have wide drawers like much of its steel-shelved counterparts.

White towels sit atop the cabinet, which has trays accessible by pull handles that are easy to open. The front panel conceals the control panel for the appliances. In this elegant modern home office, white bathroom cabinets contrast with the blue-tiled backsplash.

A glass door opens to reveal the vertical space where medications are stored. Clean lines make the bathroom cabinets and shelving appear unified. It allows for a free-flowing effect within the room.

10. Unique DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

Do you want to break with tradition and create a new sense of beauty in your bathroom? Paint the bathroom walls a contrasting color, install black iron brackets and stained reclaimed wood boards.

Create a place for some well-deserved relaxation by installing shower niches for adding more storage space. Fill your new space with towels and vases on beautiful shelves. You can also create a centrepiece of rocks in jars of beautiful vases.

11. Built-in Storage in a Small Bathroom

small bathroom storage

This wooden bathroom vanity has drawers in the cabinet. They easily stash the not-so-nice items without attracting attention from other objects, while the lower shelf displays spare towels.

Meanwhile, integrated shelves are housing your perfume and skincare products. We especially like this home decor piece with a rectangular mirror. Simple and clean lines make this closet accent easily blend in the small space.

A small and narrow corner will always be a big challenge to decorate. For instance, it is only has 4-feet width, so you need to think about the best possible space management strategy.

12. Storage Cabinet Under Bathroom Sink

best bathroom storage

Black cabinets are a dramatic contrast to the white sink and vanity top. The dark color of these cupboards fills the room with storage space. Stainless steel hooks and rings hang towels from them as well for practicality’s sake.

This black corner is a favourite for any of the layout solutions. It simply looks great and gives a home its character and some variation to add more appeal to the setting.

With an array of color schemes and many layout arrangements, vanities are versatile. Take the one here with the countertop at right angles to the walls with two open cupboards on either side.

13. Clever Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

small bathroom storage

A single-door floor cabinet with a sleek and modern look is the perfect addition to a small bathroom. With storage bins, wood boxes, knick-knacks, and leaves from outside your home, this cabinet has everything you need.

It allows you to show your creativity and prepare a unique storage solution. Placing this cabinet in a powder room, hallway, or even under the stairs will add a chic look to any place.

You will be able to store lotions, towels, linen, shampoo and other toiletries in the storage bins. Knick-knacks and flowers will look perfect inside the compartments of this cabinet.

14. Bathroom Storage Baskets to Free Your Space

clever bathroom storage

Every inch of this small bathroom is used to its fullest potential. Off-white built-in cabinets hide bulky items.

Put toilet paper, flowers and washcloths on the corner shelf. Fit a rattan basket or ring over the top of towels with something to hold it up like brackets or screws.

15. New Bathroom Open Shelves Ideas

smart storage ideas

This retro-modern bathroom is bright and open, thanks to the crisp white color scheme. Recessed shelves allow the homeowner to gain storage space inside her bathroom walls, while a variety of flowers on the counter gives the room a touch of vibrant color and peace.

A large window provides an ample amount of natural light and also allows you to see some cityscapes. With the polished stone tiles giving a luxurious effect to the room, it only fits that there is a vast round tub in this bathroom.

Admittedly, this bathroom has many elements that are unattainable to the typical homeowner. There is a steam shower and separate shower, plus the floating bathtub and window treatment.

16. Bathroom Shelves of Natural Wood

smart storage ideas

The natural wood color of the shelving, floating vanity countertop, and laundry basket lend a cosy touch to the bathroom. Stainless steel railings o make it easy for keeping sheets handy. Houseplants and hydrangeas refresh the room with their vibrant colors.

The marble floor dramatically contrasts with the wood and brings out the whites and pale shades of bathroom fittings. The curtains and bathrobes are placed neatly on the side. There is ample space for keeping your make-up kit, perfumes, and accessories.

The design is similar to other bathroom designs, where the marble floor has been painted and polished in different shades. It makes it easier to have more room on the floor for placing furniture and decoration items.

17. Small Bathroom Storage Ideas with IKEA Products

small bathroom storage

White open shelves from IKEA make your bathroom organized and let your eye focus on the bright colors. Lidded woven wicker baskets hide ugly things and give a farmhouse feel to the room.

Baskets can hold anything: from face soap and lotion to hair accessories and your date’s old tee shirt. Turn empty wicker baskets into bright vases by filling them with assorted flowers.

Another idea is to cut some dried sunflowers in half and place them in wicker baskets. They will decorate the bathroom not only in the fall but also throughout the year.

18. Wall-Mount Bathroom Storage Cabinets

best bathroom storage

A wall-mounted cabinet is included in this bathroom. Its wood texture immediately catches the eye. It provides excellent storage space for extra towels, toiletries and other bathroom supplies. This stone tiled floor can be used in a neutral bathroom, but it is primarily famous for modern-style baths.

Additionally, it features drawers of varying sizes. The bottom one serves as a storage space for hot styling equipment. It comes with a sturdy handle that makes it easy to carry around. Likewise, the drawers can be folded and locked, so you need not worry about their stability while in transit.

19. Bathroom Storage Towers with Drawers and Cabinets

clever bathroom storage

When looking for a bathroom that screams traditional style, look no further than this timeless grey vanity. The curvy stainless steel drawer pulls bring an abundance of storage space, while the patterned tiled wall works as a showstopper.

You can also choose to paint an accent wall in your bathroom to bring out your style. Gray is such a popular color for bathrooms these days, and this one is no exception. You will love this bathroom.

20. Fantastic Bathroom Sink Shelves

bathroom towel storage

If your bathroom is small, consider installing bespoke raw wood storage units behind the sink. They provide the neighbourhood with an air of contemporary rusticity. Not to mention, they prevent unneeded clutter in the bathroom.

If you decide to place your bathroom sink at the foot of your bed, then an antique wood cabinet with multiple shelves is what you need. You will be able to store books, tissues, or towels without them toppling down on you.

How to paint a bathroom vanity table? Start by painting the wooden legs of your bathroom vanity table white. Use off-white paint so you can make the trim stand out.

21. Storage Cabinets for Bathroom in White

smart storage ideas

The white two-door cabinet with no handles underneath the sink offers a sleek aesthetic. Three white shelves filled with frequently used bathroom items are open to close off water and soap from spills. Lastly, the window ledge provides additional storage for small supplies or remotes in this tiny space.

This small bathroom has an added storage shelf and extra shelving for towels. These shelves have foldable towels tucked neatly inside a wireframe. With no handles on the cabinets, you don’t see items tucked away within the cabinet space.

This bathroom would benefit from a mirror attached to the wall or put in front of the sink. Other features include a single showerhead, double vanity, and towel racks on both walls. The vanity is also filled with items for personal hygiene.

22. Floor-standing Bathroom Storage Cabinets

smart storage ideas

The cabinet walls are open floor-to-ceiling, and the interior space is painted a pastel grey color to match the doors and vanity. Rolled white towels, baskets, and bowls are neatly stored inside of the tallest shelving unit that’s built into one wall.

In the corner opposite of the tub, a plastic laundry basket stands next to a stack of white hand towels. On the floor of the tub, a battery-operated plastic fan keeps you cool.

The shower curtain rods were attached with shower rings to allow them to be moved around to any spot on the rod. The curtains are hand-painted and colorful.

23. Walmart Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

Although it may seem convenient to store things in cabinets beneath the sink, they are hard to access when dealing with smaller appliances and bottles. It is why many people find a freestanding shelf from Walmart a valuable addition to their space.

In our never-ending pursuit to help the world’s inhabitants become better citizens, we present you with some bathroom storage ideas for the well-organized individual in you. Try any of these at home and watch your life change radically!

24. Open Storage Shelf and Vanity

small bathroom storage

Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere is essential in any home. An open storage shelf gives you the chance to play with décor items and allows you to impress visitors with your excellent organizational skills.

The light-colored wooden frame on the wall lets you efficiently do a simple DIY project and results in functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space.

Without further ado, let’s build minimalist floating shelves on the wall! You’ll be surprised how easy and valuable it is to get one of these.

25. Embrace vertical Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideas

If you’re running out of space, consider making your walls do all the work. A unit that’s just the right size will give your room plenty of breathing room and leave you with lots of open floor space.

Hanging things like a storage unit on the wall is a great way to use wasted space. And using things like fabric bags or baskets to hide clutter is a great way to make your decor look intentional.

26. Bathroom Storage Ideas with Mix Materials

bathroom storage ideas

You can use storage in different styles to create a chic, eclectic vibe. Mix and match built-in storage with accessories, like these wooden stools and baskets, to soften the edges of more contemporary built-in units.

The ladder shelving also works well with both contemporary and traditional styles. White-painting gives it an instant modern update.

27. Keep Clutter Concealed for Bathroom Storage

clever bathroom storage

Cover your walls with tongue and groove panelling, then paint them the same color as the floorboards to create a nice, clean look. Have everything else be neutral so it won’t distract from the panelling.

The low sloped ceiling assists in achieving an optimum balance of white and blue, aiming for around half and a half for the right blend.

28. Bathroom Storage Ideas with Float shelving

bathroom storage ideas

Choose a traditional unit with a sleeker design than the above choice. Standard units are often the most popular option because they blend in so well with existing decor. They come in various sizes and shapes, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs.

A sleek, low-profile unit will draw attention to your artwork and the space it is filling. Make sure it has plenty of storage space so you won’t have to keep rummaging around for things. Choose a color that will work with your décor. Black is a classic choice.

29. Bathroom Storage with Repurpose A Bookcase

clever bathroom storage

Place a bookcase in the bathroom for instant freestanding storage. Use it to hold towels, baskets, toiletries and vases.

It will provide you with plenty of eye-catching, practical storage space for everything you need. And a deep wall shade and white woodwork will let your furniture and sanitaryware in the room stand out.

30. Bedroom Storage Mix and Match Colors

best bathroom storage

A black and white color combination is sophisticated and stylish. It draws the eye to the attractive accessories, which are artfully arranged on top of the black floating shelves.

The discreetly hidden pipes and cistern draw the eye upward to admire the sleek lines of the vanity unit. Under-the-vanity drawers conceal cleaning products and other valuable items.

Would you like to make your space look amazing with these bathroom storage ideas?

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