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23 Creative Bathroom Lighting Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Proper lighting is essential for a functional bathroom. Not only does good illumination keep the space from feeling gloomy, but it also makes grooming and makeup endeavors easier. That’s why I have assembled some nifty bathroom lighting ideas for you below.

The following article contains information on a variety of bathroom lighting fixtures. So whether you are looking to replicate the vintage feeling with a chandelier or want something more modern styled such as vanity lights, one thing is sure.

1. Bathroom Lighting Ideas Pinterest

bathroom lighting ideas

Have you created an attic bathroom? If so, consider installing different types of lighting like the homeowner in this pictured space. The recessed lights brighten up the whole room.

There is now the option to install bathroom lights on the ceiling or an adjacent wall. These lights provide increased illumination for teeth brushing and set the atmosphere of a spa tub.

Have a look at these interesting bathroom ceiling design that you’ll want to see.

2. Chrome Bathroom Lighting

bathroom vanity lighting

As you can see, this rustic bathroom is beautifully lit with downlights. The light is dispersed throughout the room by way of a few strategically placed lamps.

Furthermore, the space is highlighted by vibrant blue walls and dark wood. Chrome vanity lights are placed on both sides of the mirrors to complete the elegantly subdued picture.

3. Unusual Bathroom Lighting Ideas

bathroom lighting ideas

The rich wood accent wall and floating vanity create a sense of coziness. In addition, the back-splash reflects the light from the wall sconces for an even more, relaxing experience.

Furthermore, installing recessed lights in a shower helps to prevent the bathing area from appearing dreary. LED built-in lights surround the white bathtub and introduce a modern aesthetic.

4. Modern Bathroom Wall Lights

bathroom lighting ideas

This tiny bathroom space has a mirror to make the room appear larger. The black walls and towels also create more depth in appearance.

Two wall lights provide the room with even lighting. In addition, recessed light fixtures are installed for the bathroom shelf area and shower roof railing.

5. Bathroom Light Fixtures

bathroom lighting ideas

Grays and blacks create a serene mood when mixed with white line tiles. The toilet, sink, tub, and shrine all stand out against the deep tones.

Lights have a way of changing the feel of a room. Downlights emit bright light and make your room seem less attractive, while blue LED lighting takes it from predictable to incredible.

6. Bathroom Vanity Lights

bathroom vanity lighting

This bathroom features symmetrical lighting in both the tub and sink area. In addition, the five downlights brighten up all corners of the fixtures.

The LED lights, along with the ceiling and tub, combined with glass-cylinder pendant lamps over two vanities, make for a relaxing ambiance.

7. Black Bathroom Ceiling Light

bathroom vanity lights

The attic bathroom shown here is another example. Again, the white paint on the walls makes the space more breathable and relaxing.

Flush mount ceiling lights and pendant lamps in a cage design add industrial charm to your space while bringing divine contrast.

8. Luxury Bathroom Wall Lights

bathroom light fixtures

In this classic bathroom design, the ceiling is completed with a silver chandelier. It instantly creates an air of luxury.

The mirror has two sconces on either side to serve as additional lighting. The clawfoot tub and sheer white curtain enhance the room’s distinction.

9. Bathroom Lighting Home Depot

bathroom light fixtures

The perfect bathing space would be perfect for unwinding your restless mind. Natural stones in this bathroom radiate a serene environment.

The LED lights in the corner give the room a spa-like feel, while candles add to the relaxation of being at home.

10. Using Pendant Light in Bathroom

bathroom vanity lights

Hexagonal tiles in different shades provide visual interest when installed throughout the bathroom. In addition, the tub is positioned under a drum pendant light.

The saber wall sconce provides the same style and mood as the pendant light. What’s more, it also allows for doing makeup in a comfortable standing position.

11. Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror

bathroom lighting ideas

Medium and darker woods give the bathroom a welcoming feeling, as well as an elongated mirror to make it seem like there is more space.

Three wall sconces display themselves over the mirror. In addition, on each side of the mirror, two wall lights provide illumination as well.

12. Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom lighting ideas

This small, clean bathroom is light in tone, thanks to the white and pale gray hues. Slabs of marble floor and an elegant toothbrush holder add a timeless touch.

The chandelier, along with wall sconces, is made of nickel and crystal. These light sources elegantly illuminate the walkway and vanity area.

13. LED Bathroom Lighting Home Depot

bathroom vanity lighting

This bathroom is more extensive than it appears, with a white color palette and oversized mirrors. A Jacuzzi tub offers the ultimate in relaxation.

Low-hanging light fixtures bathe the area in brightness. In addition, light panels create a decorative border near the ceiling, adding an eye-catching effect to the space.

14. Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas and Pictures

vanity lighting ideas

In this bathroom, there are three sources of light. Downlights provide general lighting, and strip lights provide task lighting.

Along with the white marble bathroom, a crystal chandelier illuminates the tub, and nickel and glass wall sconces provide supplemental light for nighttime relaxation.

15. Transitional Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lighting ideas

White and glass elements in your bathroom convey a feeling of openness. Downlights help illuminate the shower area and hallway outside the bathroom, which creates an airy feel. Lastly, transitional style vanity lights give off a historic look for the toilet itself.

16. Wayfair Bathroom Lighting Ideas

vanity lighting ideas

A modern farmhouse bathroom has a metal retro pendant light that brightly lights the space. That fixture adds to the chic industrial look of this bathroom, which is framed by nature’s flowers and wood-framed mirrors.

17. Vintage Bathroom Wall Lights

bathroom vanity lights

The orange framed mirrors and patterned curtains in this kid’s bathroom create a happy atmosphere. Two vintage wall lights, finished with matte brushed pewter, add an element of maturity.

18. Bathroom Ceiling Lights

vanity lighting ideas

The wooden framed mirror, vanity, and floor create a reasonably home-like environment. The deep blue accent wall provides the perfect backdrop to make this room appear very spacious for its size. Three low-hanging ceiling lights in dark gray give a beautiful contrast to each other while still balancing the space with three different heights.

19. Edwardian Bathroom Lighting

bathroom vanity lighting

A white vanity and light blue wall create a fresh appearance. The Edwardian-style lights over the mirror keep half of the restroom from being dark. They pick up the silver tones used throughout, including on-door handles and mirror frames.

20. Master Bathroom Lighting Ideas

bathroom lighting ideas

The white soaking tub sits beneath a metallic chandelier. In one snap, it draws the eye upward to admire it. The rocks and potted plants provide a Zen-like ambiance to the bathroom that washes over you, taking away your worries.

21. Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

bathroom vanity lighting

The white marble sink complements the dark, grey accent wall for a touch of luxury. The addition of brushed nickel bathroom fixtures and metallic vases fill gaps between color schemes to create an industrial flair.

22. Bathroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling

bathroom lighting ideas

This bathroom shows excellent use of reclaimed wood to build a vanity. In addition, a rustic feel is created with the accent wall.

Black lights and concrete pieces provide a more industrial-style touch. In addition, the larger-than-life mirror creates the illusion of additional space in this room.

23. Bathroom Lamp

vanity lighting ideas

The lighting in this bathroom creates an inviting and peaceful bathing atmosphere. The antique wall lamps work brilliantly as a task light, bringing a spa-like ambiance to the space.

Those bathroom lighting ideas are beneficial in completing your next project. Choose the lights that match your bathroom design, personal taste, and budget.

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