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36 Lovely Bathroom Countertop Ideas You Should Try

Do you find your bathroom dull? If so, you might need a refresh. To take on a new journey, you need to read our fascinating article on bathroom countertop ideas. It will help you create your oasis.

Here, I will explore a selection of countertop materials from marble to concrete. They are not simply functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they also add a high dose of style to any space. Let’s get started without further ado!

1. Laminate Bathroom Countertop

bathroom vanity countertops

When on a tight budget, it’s best to purchase a laminate vanity top. These tops are durable and versatile while also being affordable.

The countertop is white laminate, contrasted subtly by grey ash cabinetry with gold accents added to provide a touch of glam.

2. Tile Bathroom Countertop Ideas

bathroom countertop ideas

You can see from the picture that this style of countertops is made up of square stone tiles, which lend them a rustic look and striking grid pattern.

The peach backsplash and brown walls match the tranquil atmosphere. The rust-orange bowl and towels incorporate a vibrant feel to create warmth.

3. Marble Bathroom Countertops

bathroom countertop designs

Black honed marble countertops lend an instant sense of luxe and elegance to a bathroom. It is pretty versatile, pairing well with wooden vanities of most types.

The cream subway tiles in the waiting room of the spa promote a zen-inspired ambiance. Artificial flowers in vases on stand tables provide decoration.

4. Reclaimed Wood Vanity Tops

bathroom vanity countertops

Since the homeowner’s half bathroom is small, they painted the walls white. Meanwhile, hexagonal and mosaic floor tiles bring some dimension to an otherwise flat surface.

The natural wood vanity top is a celebration of nature’s rawness. The wicker baskets and burlap rugs add to the coziness.

5. Concrete Countertops

bathroom counter decor

A polished concrete countertop enhances a bathroom’s industrial appeal. Wire mesh baskets and iron drawer pulls contribute to the more masculine feeling.

Wooden framed mirrors, flooring, and wainscoting can artificially improve the atmosphere. A few family pictures hang on the bare walls.

6. Bathroom Countertop Options

bathroom countertop designs

The bathroom contains a glass-enclosed shower and natural stone counters. Pure white cabinets meet the vanity top.

Contemporary architecture is noteworthy for its use of metal fittings. Meanwhile, white flowers provide a softer aesthetic.

7. Travertine Countertops

bathroom counter decor

The black-honed travertine countertop features a stunning ravishing pattern. In no time, it develops an easygoing appearance.

The white cabinetry and backsplash allow the countertop to shine. Stainless steel faucets, knobs, and toilet roll holders lend a nice finishing touch to the bathroom.

8. Granite Colors for Bathroom Countertops

granite bathroom countertop

The brown granite countertop has white and black specks and complements the wooden vanity with tan walls for a calm scene.

Shiny metals such as stainless steel enhance your sense of style and provide a glamorous ambiance. Downlights keep the space from being too dark while pendant lights illuminate it beautifully.

9. Quartz Bathroom Countertop

bathroom countertop ideas

Cream-colored walls and sand tiles set a serene atmosphere. Meanwhile, the orange rug and vase create an energetic ambiance within the bathing space.

Dark wood cabinetry and black quartz countertops give the space a feeling of depth. Three retro pendant lights, casting a restful glow, can be seen hanging over the sink.

10. Bathroom Countertop Decorating Ideas

bathroom countertop designs

The unrefined and rough texture of the feather finish concrete countertop exhibits an imperfect aesthetic. Although it is aesthetically pleasing to some, this concrete finish also mirrors the masculinity of black metal hardware.

The blue vanity complements the bathroom’s industrial feel. The light-blue toothbrush holder is a nice touch on an otherwise plain countertop.

11. Granite Bathroom Countertop Pictures

granite bathroom countertop

Here, the light grey walls and white cabinets give a clean, airy feeling to an area that would generally feel cramped. The framed mirror creates an optical illusion of space in what would otherwise be considered a small room.

The black specks on the cream beige granite countertop are mesmerizing while also raising the beauty of that part of this bathroom.

12. Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

bathroom counter decor

A taupe-hued subway tile backsplash paired with grey cabinetry and cream walls creates a cozy atmosphere. Metallic faucets make the space look upscale.

The red-tinted vanity top coordinates nicely with the monochrome marble sink bowl, giving the bathroom a rustic feel and timelessness.

13. Glass Vanity Tops for Bathrooms

bathroom vanity countertops

The white sink against the taupe backsplash delivers a harmonious ambiance to the room, while light blue walls provide a rejuvenating environment.

A contemporary glass countertop injects a unique and chic elegance into the room while keeping the warmth of wood in an adjacent cabinet.

14. Inexpensive Bathroom Countertop Ideas

bathroom countertop ideas

Are you looking for an inexpensive countertop? Build your vanity from the unfinished wood board and get a natural look while entertaining guests.

Pair the countertop with a red vintage cabinet for a lively scheme. The sea-inspired wallpaper on the wall lends the bathroom some whimsy.

15. Rustic Wood Bathroom Countertops

diy bathroom countertop

The white ceiling and walls make this space feel spacious. Meanwhile, the frameless mirror helps reflect light and extend the wall space visually.

The raw wood countertop and exposed copper pipe create a rustic, artistic vibe. Orange towels set off the room’s cozy feel with textures such as flowing water from the kitchen faucet.

16. Teak Countertops Bathroom

bathroom vanity countertops

This teak countertop embraces the natural beauty of nature. It also brings a colorful and lively touch to the bathroom design.

The deep brown vanity heightens the warm feel of this room. The contrasted mirror against white is a show-stopper, and the round sink softens its sharp corners.

17. Marble Bathroom Countertops Cost

bathroom countertop designs

The grey walls create an air of sophistication, while the rust-colored accents give a cozy, energizing feeling.

A polished marble countertop creates a high-end appearance. White and brown hues pop when seen on this surface, as do gold accents such as the sink, mirror, glass, and faucet.

18. Corian Bathroom Countertops

bathroom counter decor

The combination of light taupe and white tiles, coupled with the reflection from a mirror and two pendant ceiling lights, lend the bathroom an inviting feeling.

Minimalist design is exemplified with the black Corian countertop and floating wood vanity. The room would look no more complete than today, but flowers in a vase and rolled towels add bright colors to the neutral décor.

19. Dark Limestone Countertops

bathroom countertop ideas

The master bath features a rectangular soaking tub and a glass-enclosed shower for that calming experience. The light-toned tiles promote a tranquil atmosphere, making it the perfect place to take your mind off any worries you may have.

The brown limestone countertop provides a glamorous air. It meshes well with the white cabinetry and purple flowers. In a split second, the violet flowers add life to the bathroom.

20. Custom Terrazzo Countertops

granite bathroom countertop

Here the grey terrazzo countertops complement a black-flecked rich brown backsplash and framed walls with dark brown cabinets.

The gleaming countertop and stainless steel accents are elegant, and the white sink and base molding lighten the bathing space.

21. Soapstone Countertop Colors

tile bathroom countertop

The pure white soapstone countertop exudes the feeling of openness and cleanliness. A brown hand towel pops gracefully on it as well.

Dark grey cabinetry is a formal contract for the light-soaked space, with mirrors, sinks, faucets, and wall sconces adding distinction.

22. Bluestone Beauty Bathroom Countertop

diy bathroom countertop
(Image credit: Alec Hemer)

This bathroom is designed to have a cohesive feel, and a shining bluestone countertop has no trouble fitting in amongst the wood mirror, shiplap walls, and bronze hardware.

Bluestone is the perfect stone to add some warmth and naturalness to your bathroom counter. With its porous quality, it’s essential to seal the stone so that stains don’t appear.

23. White Marble Countertops

diy countertop ideas
(Image credit: David Tsay)

These homeowners created a unique custom vanity with a vintage French table and a beautiful marble countertop and sink. Marble countertops are known for their durability, but they can also scratch easily. If you like a character in your home, the flaws of the marble may add to the patina.

24. Sturdy Soapstone Bathroom Countertop

bathroom vanity countertops
(Image credit: Helen Norman)

When your bathroom doubles as a mudroom, you need durable materials that are easy to clean. Soapstone is a natural material that is scratch-resistant and has an understated masculine appeal. The surface is ideal for this bathroom that features pecky cypress paneling, an antique pewter sink, and dark bronze fixtures.

25. Subway Tile Bathroom Countertop

tile bathroom countertop
(Image credit: David Tsay)

This 1920s bathroom is a perfect example of how a simple subway tile backsplash can be affordable and elegant. This white backsplash matches the tiled walls in the bathroom, keeping the space feeling light and bright. The blue-gray cabinetry offers ample storage, and the paint color Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore adds warmth to the room.

26. Quartz Bathroom Countertop

diy bathroom countertop
(Image credit: Annie Schechter)

This bathroom is a cozy place where you can relax after a long day. One of its best features is the freestanding vanity topped with a quartz countertop. Quartz is nonporous, easy to clean, and durable. It’s an excellent choice for bathrooms.

The wall-mounted brushed-nickel faucet saves on limited counter space, and the crisp beadboard adds texture. Overall, this bathroom has a calm color scheme of Mindful Gray by Sherwin-Williams.

27. Evercor Bathroom Countertops

tile bathroom countertop
(Image credit: Jean Allsopp Photography)

We love this lovely bathroom with a white countertop from Evercore. We like it because it’s accessible to clean, and durable. It also comes in lots of colors so that you can create your dream bathroom.

In addition to the green paint, Mizzle by Farrow & Ball, and the Lucknow botanical shower curtain by Carolina Irving, don’t forget that we love this space.

28. Salvaged Bathroom Countertops

diy countertop ideas
(Image credit: Victoria Pearson)

This farmhouse bathroom is all about repurposing. An old workbench becomes a vanity when its wood surface is planked, and the sink is replaced with a vessel. The claw-foot tub sits on wood blocks, and a salvaged doorknob is used to hang the mirror.

29. Reclaimed Bathroom Countertops

diy countertop ideas
(Image credit: Annie Schlechter)

Nora Murphy created the rustic-chic design of this bathroom. She used various reclaimed materials, including an old-fashioned wooden vanity with a cast iron top, painted to match the walls, and two basins; cabinets below that offer ample storage.

The original mirror was a casement window from the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, and the surrounding area where the shower is located was built using a repurposed picket fence.

30. Thick Marble Countertops

bathroom countertop ideas
(Image credit: David Tsay)

This small place feels light and airy, thanks to the crisp marble countertops, white cabinets, and a Kohler sink. An extendable accordion light adds contrast to the newer elements in the bathroom.

31. Vintage Wood Countertops

diy bathroom countertop
(Image credit: David A.Land)

A bright blue sideboard turned vanity in a powder room perks up the room. You can use the existing countertop or go with a different material, but make sure the countertop can support a sink and plumbing.

To maintain the vintage charm of the room, try using the existing surface rather than outfitting the space with a different countertop material, but be sure to seal the piece to keep it water-resistant. Brunnschwyg & Fils wallpaper enhances the fun spirit of the room.

32. Bar Cart Bathroom Countertop

diy countertop ideas
(Image credit: Annie Schlechter)

Jenna Sue built a bar cart out of white-washed wood and installed a sink and drain. She then took it to a bathroom tile store and selected a high-end-looking tile that was also affordable.

33. Budget-Friendly Barn Door Bathroom Countertop

diy countertop ideas
(Image credit: David A.Land)

These homeowners found an old barn door in an abandoned tobacco barn and turned it into a bathroom countertop. They made it look brand new by power-washing and installing $5 garage sale sinks. They also added some pipes for legs for a rustic, farmhouse look.

34. Sideboard Bathroom Countertop

bathroom vanity countertops
(Image credit: Tara Donne)

A once used in the dining room, a sideboard now serves as a vanity in the master bathroom. The homeowner Retrofitted it to accommodate a marble countertop, sink, and faucet. The drawers and shelves provide ample storage space for towels and other necessities.

35. Reclaimed Barn Wood Countertop

bathroom countertop designs
(Image credit: Audrey Hall)

You might not think of a stone countertop for your bathroom, but this homeowner did. She installed it in her barn. Then she used reclaimed wood from her barn’s floor to make the countertop.

She added a washbasin from an old toilet and a few red accents. The shower is made from a trough that she bought from a feed store.

36. No-Countertop Storage Solution

diy bathroom countertop
(Image credit: Brian Woodcock)

A bathroom without counters doesn’t mean you can’t keep things organized. This antique French sink is the perfect alternative for storage.

It’s got a soap dish for essentials, and you can hang brushes and creams on the ledge. Baskets, buckets, and an old medicine cabinet also provide organization.

I hope that you enjoyed our bathroom countertop ideas. A countertop is a great place to start when remodeling your bathroom. Your choice of material depends on your style and budget. What’s your favorite?

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