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30 Best Bathroom Color Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether you are changing a room’s color scheme or the entire house, it is essential to know your end goal. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change-over, we recommend checking out my list of awe-inspiring bathroom color ideas.

This bathroom design inspiration is sure to help you get the job done. If muted tones are more your style or bold hues and geometric patterns attract you, then this post has something for everyone.

1. Bathroom Color Ideas in Royal Blue

bathroom color ideas

White ceilings, dark wainscoting, and the door provide a closed-off environment in the bathroom. The bright tiles add a focal point to the room.

The combination of royal blue paint on the upper half of the walls and beautiful floral wall lamps produces a robust and masculine feel.

2. Orange Bathroom Paint Colors

bathroom paint color

The walls of this bathing space have been painted the color called Rust Orange. The paint generates an instant feeling of warmth and relaxation in the room.

Cream and beige tiles provide a serene atmosphere, while brown leather benches and traditional chandeliers add an air of luxury.

3. Brown and White Bathroom Ideas

bathroom color schemes

There are many ways to add warmth and texture without using lots of colors. For example, the khaki brown walls create a cozy ambiance by emphasizing some elements while allowing others to shine.

The oat brown roller blind sets an inviting mood. The black natural stone floor tiles provide a sense of depth and a rustic look.

4. Small Cream Bathroom Design

bathroom color ideas

This tiny bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub that creates the feeling of a spa atmosphere. A framed mirror, black fixtures, and white tiles add drama to space.

The cream vanity, window blinds, and walls turn the room into your retreat. The basketweave flooring adds a touch of symmetry to the layout.

5. Perfect Purple Bathroom Decor

best bathroom paint

Patterns of grey-painted wood and purple paint create a feeling of tranquillity. Alternatively, designs created by wooden flooring and risers feel feminine.

Red accents add a burst of color to the otherwise light-toned space. Dead stems and works of art with an ombre effect catch the eye from across the room.

6. Bathroom Color Ideas with Blue and White

bathroom color scheme

The blue walls provide an overall soothing environment. The contrast of this color with the white toilet, tub, and pedestal sink also adds to the relaxing ambiance.

A polished concrete floor and stainless-steel hardware give this space an industrial vibe, while the vase of flowers on the countertops adds a touch of color.

7. Beautiful Bathroom Color Combinations

paint color inspiration

The whole trick to a fresh-looking bathroom, though, is in the painting. Try this innovative trick paint half of your walls one color and the other half another color.

The scene of this picture is playful because the walls are painted in pastel turquoise and cream colors, while the wood has an excellent white color that promotes calm.

8. Bathroom with Green and White Colors

bathroom paint color

Having a glass-enclosed shower with white subway tiles and lime green accents adds to this bathroom’s crisp, clean look.

White tile floors make the area feel airy and open. The reclaimed wood vanity and bath mat bring a sense of nature into space.

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9. Mustard Yellow Bathroom Color Ideas

bathroom color ideas

The mustard yellow walls of the room make it youthfully vibrant. Wooden elements and white create more sophisticated contrast.

Fresh air and light are brought into the room through the windows. The minimal selection of lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, and accessories don’t overwhelm the space.

10. Bathroom Color Ideas in 2019

paint color ideas
(Image credit: Jason Kisner)

Bathrooms provide a place to start and end your day. They can be restful environments, as seen in this bathroom with soft yellow walls and turquoise accents.

In a space where the goal is cleanliness, items such as white and pale grey florals are encouraged. Curtains with these colors give off a polished feel, while rug or wood flooring gives your room more depth.

11. Bathroom Ideas with Mint Green Wall

bathroom color scheme

The mint green wall provides a stunning backdrop for the white soaking tub, and the vintage mint floor and rug evoke a sense of rejuvenation.

A metallic planter and hardware coordinate with the glitzy decorating. Three wall hangings tie all of the elements together for a cohesive look.

12. Beautiful Olive Green Bathroom Decor

paint color inspiration

Solid olive green walls provide a relaxing atmosphere. The windows maximize natural light and offer views of the outdoors.

An undercurrent of rustic charm is found in the black concrete countertop, wooden cabinetry, a seagrass rug, and polished stone tiles. With downlights and wall sconces around the space, it does not lose its allure.

13. Modern Bathroom Color Ideas Using Blue

bathroom color schemes

White dishes and subway tiles open up space. Fun, teal blue colors on the walls provide vibrancy and youthful energy.

The dark brown floor and wooden floating vanity in this cozy bathroom bring a natural feel. Black flamed artwork on teal walls creates contrast with vivid colors.

14. Modern Light Blue Bathroom Color Ideas

relaxing bathroom color

This bathroom is filled with a tranquil ambiance, thanks to the light blue walls. It also provides an escape from a chaotic modern life.

A white ceiling, trim, and furniture units clear the mind, while an ornate floral rug lends a French country feel to space.

15. Black and White Bathroom Inspiration

paint color inspiration

The black and white color palette generates a chic look in the bathroom. This classic design also creates style during your bath time.

Turn heads with the latest style. Monochrome stripes steal the show, while gold accents ensure your status as a member of society’s elite.

16. Beautiful Gray Bathroom Color Ideas

best bathroom paint

Dark grey walls create an elegant, timeless ambiance, allowing black wall ornaments strategically positioned to enhance the overall effect.

Whites are a beautiful contrast to the greys. Meanwhile, the wood vanity balances out the stainless-steel towel bar and antique brass flush mount light.

17. Seafoam Green Bathroom Color Ideas

relaxing bathroom color

One way to bring a peaceful atmosphere into the bathroom is by choosing shades such as pure white and seafoam green.

Beach-stone flooring and starfish wall decor give the space a seaside feel. Super bright artwork provides comfort with its warmth.

18. Bathroom Color Ideas for Small Space

best bathroom paint

Make the small space in your bathroom appear larger by painting a pale mint color on the walls and white on the ceiling.

To create a shabby chic look, add reclaimed wood shelves, distressed mirror, and galvanized metal watering can to your bathroom. White-washed planters are the final touch to this dreamy design.

19. Bathroom Color Ideas with Red Walls

bathroom color schemes

This bathroom predominantly comes in white. Red accents add vibrant energy but look great with the white color scheme.

Space is adorned with floral and stripe patterns. The medium-toned wood contrasts the reds in the decorations.

20. Pink Bathroom Tiles Designs Ideas

bathroom paint color

Create a bathroom that uses shades of pink. In just moments, you can reveal your soft and feminine side.

If you want to add visual interest, use pink mosaic tiles. Meanwhile, tulips can be used to breathe life into the scene, and metallic details offer a touch of glam.

21. Blue And Gray Bathroom Color Ideas

paint color ideas

Gray and Cerulean blue paint generate a dramatic yet soothing setting for your bathroom. Though artworks look nice against any backdrop, images with neutrals stand out better on bright walls.

Shiny metal accents enhance the sumptuous atmosphere. Flowers add a lively element to any environment.

22. Gray and White Bathroom Color Ideas

best bathroom paint

White and different shades of grey evoke a calm ambiance. The corner bathtub saves valuable space.

This room has a warm feel with the wooden floor and sparkles thanks to metallic mirrors, planters, and hardware.

23. Bathroom Color Ideas with Ground Pale Pinks

bathroom color ideas
(Image credit: Julia Currie)

The trouble with a pale pink room is that it can get a little too cute and too childlike. Don’t get us wrong, we love a little whimsy now and then, but if you’re after a more sophisticated look, try grounding your blush pinks with some darker colors.

Painting the bath panel can take a room from saccharine to stylish. For an instant upgrade, cover a wall with wood planks painted in a dark shade. While color is the most obvious way to change the feeling of a room, the texture is another way to amp up its character.

24. Splitting the Walls in Your Bathroom

paint color ideas
(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

Splitting your walls into two hues creates the illusion of a taller ceiling and can help create the illusion of a perfect space. It is a beneficial idea for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms in loft conversions, where the low ceilings can create the illusion of a confined space.

Although paneling is an obvious way to break up space, it can also be a nice feature in contemporary homes. The pop of color from its small, individual tiles can be an excellent way to add a little more warmth to a room that needs more than just a singular color to brighten it up.

25. Light and Dark Bathroom Color Ideas

bathroom color scheme
(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

In this bathroom, we see a masterful blend of form and function. We love the contrasting but also classic look going on in this bathroom. The deep blues, blacks, and whites look very statement, and the small floor tiles combined with the larger wall tiles give the space loads more character.

Take note of how the split wall effect continues here, with a darker tone of blue on the bottom half and a lighter tone of the same hue on the top. It’s a nice compromise between cohesive color and visual variety.

26. Peach Bathroom Color Ideas

paint color inspiration
(Image credit: Norsu)

Do you want to provide vibrant color to your bathroom without taking away its natural tone? Peach is the perfect option for this, as it gives a space a pleasant warmth without being too overbearing. You can amp up the impact of the color even more by using accessories and towels in the same shade.

Peach is the perfect paint color for anyone with a soft spot for this delicious shade. But did you know that there are other more unconventional variations of peach? Some can be downright strange, which can make them a little more challenging to incorporate.

27. Sunset Bathroom Decor with Floor Tiles

relaxing bathroom color
(Image credit: Meir)

Never one to be intimidated by a small space, we love this colorful bathroom. Unlike the ominous darkness that usually accompanies small spaces, this room has been made to look larger and lighter with the clever choice of floor tiles.

The imperfect colors on the wall call attention to the room’s end, creating the illusion that the room is longer than it is. Combined with the tiles that run up the bath’s side, it only adds to lengthening the room.

Need a new idea for your bathroom? You’re in luck! We have tons of ideas to choose from, and these will surely make your bathroom renovation fun and interesting.

28. Bathroom Color Ideas with Patterned Tiles

bathroom color ideas
(Image credit: Original Style)

If you want a cohesive color scheme in your bathroom and want to go with patterned floor tiles, consider choosing a bathroom paint color that draws out the more subtle tile tones.

This approach ensures a stylish finish without the room feeling overwhelmed. Add interest to the area by using house plants that successfully break up space and keep it from feeling too uniform.

29. Bathroom Color Ideas with Modern Printed Wallpapers

bathroom paint color
(Image credit: Little Green)

Modern patterned wallpapers are an eye-catching complement to a bright bathroom, especially ones with high ceilings and plenty of natural light. They will give your bathroom a burst of life and provide a great place to unwind and relax after a long day at work.

This color can either go with the wall’s color or one of the colors in the wallpaper. You can choose to mix and match, but you’ll want to keep the theme going with color.

You will never want to leave your room with this modern floral wallpaper. Smalt Paint, in this design from Little Greene, sets off the wallpaper beautifully.

30. Bathroom Color Ideas with Ombre Accent

bathroom paint color
(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Bathroom color ideas that are popular for ombre accent walls are easy to understand. They allow you to experience a relaxing and gentle sensation when you come home. When it comes to choosing a color for the bathroom, cool blue tones are preferred.

Make the most of your bath with calming house plants, fragrant candles, and an at-hand stool that’s perfect for storing fresh towels or (more likely) a glass of wine. Get ready to feel zen.

Those bathroom color ideas come in handy. Choosing the right color palette is not difficult all you have to do is pick colors that reflect your personality well.

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