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22 Best Bathroom Ceiling Ideas for a Clean and Modern Look

A lot of homeowners ignore their bathroom ceilings. The ceiling has a lot of potentials and allows customizing the lavatory area. That’s why I collected impressive bathroom ceiling ideas for you.

This bathroom design guide will give you the advice and inspiration you need to complete your bathroom update. From high-end finishes, like tile with exposed beams or porcelain tiles that mimic wood grain to a tray ceiling to enhance the luxury look and feel, this is the perfect resource for remodeling your dream bath space from start to finish.

1. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas in a Rustic Style

bathroom ceiling ideas

Brown reclaimed wood planks cover the ceiling. They have natural textures that provide a magnificent aesthetic to space. The wood planks are intended to give a different feel when compared to the walls and the ceiling. Thus, it produces a simple contrast in that way. They do not have the same color, so they provide a difference in appearance.

In contrast to the modern wooden furniture and stark walls, the ceilings in this room are reminiscent of a rustic style with their iron ceiling lights that complement the room’s ceilings and let in light during the dark hours.

2. Vaulted Ceilings in a Small Bathroom

best bathroom ceiling

If you have a small space, make the most of it by building a vaulted ceiling to give your bathroom an illusion of size. Floor-to-ceiling shower curtains are a quick and easy way to add a splash of color. Drying racks are helpful in the bathroom and create more room for towels.

The ceiling should be clad in pure white, grooved wood planks for a stylish look. You can also use weathered beams and vintage metal chandeliers to adorn the space. You can also fill the room with beautiful potted plants to add greenery and vintage charm.

3. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas with Skylight

bathroom ceiling design

Who doesn’t love this magnificent bathroom? The Cathedral ceiling brings brightness and creates a welcoming environment. The large mirror brings out the white of the vanity. The dark wood keeps it fresh and playful; that’s why I call it active. This bathroom is all about drama and glamour. Having double sinks adds to the luxury.

The skylights in the bathroom keep you bathed in light and allow you to take a look at the stars from your bathtub. High gloss wooden beams add a sense of luxury to the bathroom’s atmosphere.

4. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas with Beadboard

bathroom ceiling ideas

The ceiling of this bathroom is made with beadboard, giving the space a refined coastal appearance. Narrow planks of beadboard decorate the walls for rustic charm. The lamps are antique, and the accessories match the beadboard motif, making this bathroom a perfectly stylish blend of old and new.

When it becomes apparent that you need to refresh the look of your home, an intelligent way to go about things is by changing up the light fixtures in your room. Removing dated chandeliers and replacing them with modern pendant lighting can completely change a room’s appearance.

5. Inspiring Bathroom Ceiling Paint Designs

bathroom ceiling design

Elsewhere, the ceilings are painted a medium shade of Yale blue. This color not only makes for an expansive statement but also draws focus to the roof itself. The tops are made out of composite wood and engineered hardwood painted the same color or finished in a stain or other coating.

You can create a clean atmosphere by painting the walls white, using crown molding, and installing modern sanitary ware. Blue French country-style curtains add a touch of color to space. And remember to opt for wooden floors instead of carpets and install skylights so the room feels fresh.

6. Ceiling Cladding Wood for Bathrooms

ceiling design ideas

Long, slim grey tiles along the lower walls of the bathroom convey an elegant sophistication. The bathroom window provides a natural light source that bathes it in sunlight. The wall tiles and the floor tiles are laid in a diagonal arrangement, adding more design elements to this simple bathroom.

Wooden ceiling cladding adds to the home’s warmth and makes it seem cozier. Coiffed ceilings create interest through their distinctive patterning. Coiffed ceilings allow air to move around freely, reducing humidity and improving the air quality in your home.

7. Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures

best bathroom ceiling

In the bathroom, the soft neutrals come together in a serene ambiance that leads to a Zen-inspired space. The limestone wall and custom bench soften the room while helping maintain the overall natural feel.

The white-painted ceiling protects the room from being in a dark mood. Recessed lighting in the top makes the room brighter either way. Mirrors in the bathroom are elegant and fun at the same time.

8. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

ceiling design ideas

Decorating a small bathroom is not an easy task. White as the primary color for your walls will make them feel spacious and open. The white-grayish tiles will reflect the light to create the illusion of space. The modern design, particularly the use of gray and white for the floor, is quite impressive.

The ceiling of this room is modernly designed and features a smooth surface. LED accent lights and recessed lights provide optimum illumination. A beautiful vanity sits in the center of this luxurious bathroom. The grey lacquered vanity features one large sink with an integrated LED-lit mirror cabinet.

9. Bathroom Ceilings Ideas in Black

bathroom ceiling ideas

This bathing space is spacious and stylish. It is painted black on the walls and ceiling, which fools the eye into thinking taller. A glass panel lifts for easy entry into the shower space. Here, a rain head shower floods down in addition to two overhead sprays.

Meanwhile, the black ceiling adds drama to space, and the cylinder flush mount lights and saber wall sconces provide enough light for all. The wood floor planks bring a sense of warmth to the room and help tie the whole area together.

10. White Painted Bathroom Ceilings

best bathroom ceiling

Are you looking for beach house decor that feels like home? Try this idea. The white wood plank ceiling feels seashore-ambient with its light fixture and seashell motifs. The contrasting wood-paneled walls and hardwood floors reflect the soothing tones of a beach sunset.

The muted colors of the walls will gently contrast with the white ceiling. Starfish ornaments make it feel like a cottage. Studded slats of wood on the top should give this room an impression of coziness.

11. Dimmable Bathroom Lighting

bathroom ceiling design

The claw-foot tub area is elegantly spanned by a tiled ceiling and crisp, white walls. The glass enclosure presents an atmosphere of openness. Even though it was initially meant for the WC, the use of the tub is open to all guests.

The claw-foot tub area is elegantly spanned by a tiled ceiling and crisp, white walls. The glass enclosure presents an atmosphere of openness. The mosaic-tiled mirror above the marble vanity perfectly coordinates with the tile work in the bathtub.

12. Unusual Bathroom Lights

ceiling design ideas

The sky was the only thing on the ceiling of this house. There are stars outside and inside with pot lights that resemble the night sky. Over time, the stains on the top will degrade and make the room look like it’s in outer space.

A grey and white mosaic tile pattern helps the bathroom become more polished. Grey wooden towel holders display the towels for easy access. Wall-mounted and free-standing chrome towel holders provide options.

13. Bathroom False Ceiling Design in Modern Style

bathroom ceiling ideas

This bathroom has a grand statement created by the modern false ceiling. It is an illusion that makes the appearance of more space. Bathroom space is made to look more prominent by the large mirrors. The mirrors are inbuilt on the walls of this bathroom.

Downlights and LED ceiling lights cast a cooling atmosphere in the bathroom. The bathtub is a point of interest but does not detract from the room’s overall cleanliness. Some say the result is too clinical for a bathroom, while others are simply in awe.

14. Downstairs Ceiling Designs for Bathrooms

bathroom ceiling design

The bathroom in this house features curved ceilings, slanted or drop ceilings. The homeowner painted them white to make the light seem more open and airy. In addition, she added extra windows and mirrors to brighten the space.

Crystal flush mount lights and downlights cast a dazzling glow over the otherwise minimal room. Potted plants add splashes of color to a neutral scheme. Dotted fabric patterns add color without being overpowering. A clean-lined design and in-floor heating create a feeling of coziness within the bathroom.

15. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas with Recessed Coves

ceiling design ideas

While this bathroom’s details are indeed lavish, it is worth noting that the chandelier sometimes hinders homeowners from tending to their grooming. Chandeliers are typically so high up that reaching them is difficult and impractical.

The coved ceiling and small LED lights make the room bathed in warm light, disguising its decrepit state. The sumptuous fabric sofas and chairs drape over uneven surfaces to create an exciting space that’s perfect for entertaining.

16. Beautiful Coffered Bathroom Ceiling Lighting

best bathroom ceiling

Beige walls create a tranquil feel, while the upholstered chaise lounge and shag rug give this room an inviting atmosphere. This space is also cozy with the velvet throw blanket. The mirror above the white dresser reflects light and creates the illusion of a more spacious room.

A metal ceiling with a coffered design tops the bathroom, while a pendant light hangs over the space. Small storage spaces and a medicine cabinet are set into the wall. White tiles complement the overall feel of the room.

17. Amazing Bathroom Tray Ceiling Ideas

ceiling design ideas

This bathroom has two cream-colored floral-patterned ceiling tiles. Along with the walls, they promote a cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, the marble bathtub offers a soothing touch to the entire bathroom. White oak wood flooring has been used in this bathroom for flooring.

Crown moldings and other accents add an air of luxury to this space. A bathtub inside the home adds to that feeling. The artwork frames a sense of royalty, while baseboard molding outlines what’s all around you.

18. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas That Are Creative

bathroom ceiling ideas

The wall sconces, pillar, and geometric tile flooring give this luxurious bathroom plenty of glamour. The tub is placed in a corner to maximize the small space. A light fixture is mounted high up on the wall, which prevents shadows from being cast onto the floor.

Curved and recessed ceilings scream sophistication. Decorative flowers and leafless tree ornaments add elegance to the scheme. Ceiling to floor drapes helps to increase the space. Adding glass doors enhances the look of rooms and reflects light.

19. Stylish Bathroom Ceiling Light

best bathroom ceiling

The black ceiling gives the bathroom a dramatic effect, while LED downlights brighten the room like stars in the nighttime. All these components are connected with a black-and-white floor pattern, tiles, and wallpaper.

A large window wall is perfect for watching the mesmerizing city skyline. I’ll never forget my lazy evenings here. This bathroom is an excellent example of how subtle elements can create an elegant space.

20. Bathroom Ceiling Trim Ideas

bathroom ceiling design

Contrasting with the various shades of grey that seem to comprise the rest of the room is the white base molding, ceiling, and trim. Black furniture units stand out nicely from this monochrome scheme.

Two ceiling-mounted pendant lights provide light in the bathroom. The burlap window shades and the wooden planter add a warm, rustic feel to the space.

21. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas in White Gloss

ceiling design ideas

There is a white ceiling with a high gloss finish, which creates an air of luxury. The pot lights provide just the right amount of light to avoid being dim. Bathroom ceiling lights with small or large sconces are also found in this kind of bathroom. The wall tiles are glossy and have a muted marble finish, contrasting the white ceiling and adding visual depth to the room.

A beige and wood palette provides a warm ambiance to the room, while a corner-tub shower conserves the floor. When color does enter the room, it is a painted white ceiling that draws attention. The top in this bathroom is an original board and batten style in a classic beach house home.

22. Cheap Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

bathroom ceiling ideas

A bathroom that uses a corner tub and shower is more appealing than one that doesn’t. It balances out the coolness of gray and metal elements by using wood cabinets.

A new paint job on the ceiling adds a unique atmosphere to the store. The light fixtures add a bright tone to an otherwise dark space.

I hope my bathroom ceiling ideas will inspire and motivate you to embark on the home improvement project. The choice is in your hands whether or not you want an expert to do the installation for you or if you want to install it yourself.

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