25 Great Bathroom Accessories Ideas for Your Ideal Bathroom

It is understandable if you cannot afford a magnificent bathroom, but don’t let that deter you from making your bathroom look amazing. My bathroom accessories ideas will help you create a comfortable and attractive hideaway.

These small details make your bathroom an elegant space, yet they also save you money. Not only that, but by adding a few essential accessories to the bathroom itself, it will be more presentable and appear to belong in a model home or hotel suite.

1. Amazon Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Mason jars have quickly become a symbol of chic country homes with their rustic, organic qualities. This white-painted Mason jar bathroom set is available for purchase on Amazon. The decoration inspires a farmhouse feel in just seconds.

Hanging on the wall is a shelf with many soaps, dishes, and tissue storage boxes, creating the illusion of space in the cramped bathroom. Against one wall hangs a cream-framed mirror which creates an optical illusion that there is more room.

2. Bathroom Decorating Ideas Photo

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The stainless-steel towel rack pictured has an attached shelf that can accommodate dispensers of white, yellow, brown, light grey, and taupe towels.

In a room where the focus is predominantly on decorative towels and washcloths, you may wish to use a wood towel rack with an attached shelf and provide individual hooks for towels.

The backdrop is a textured concrete wall painted black. The white towel and accessories take away from the focus on the wall instead of providing more light for photography.

3. Walmart Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The crystal-glass toothbrush mug, dispenser for shampoo and soap, and soap dish create a spotlessly clean setting that stands out against the concrete countertop.

In the bathroom, limestone sinks and wooden toothbrushes bring an element of nature. Stainless steel faucets lend a sleek, industrial edge.

4. Stylish Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The floating vanity comes with two drawers that pull out. The white piece of furniture looks terrific against the grey backdrop.

The hidden pullouts store extra towels and beauty products. Contemporary design allows for both a drawer as well as an open shelf for organization.

5. Accessories for Ceramic Bathrooms

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The grey tray holds ceramic hotel water glasses, a hand soap dispenser, and a 4-hole toothbrush holder. These bathroom pieces are an excellent match for the marble countertop.

Besides providing a touch of freshness, potted plants can help create a more relaxed and peaceful environment.

6. Decorative Rustic Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The rattan tray has plenty of space for a white towel and tissue box. The rattan storage box holds beauty items in place.

The rattan bathroom accessories offer a touch of rustic charm. The marble vanity tops bring an air of luxury.

7. Sets of Industrial Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Steel metal tray with soap dish, liquid shampoo dispenser, and razor holder are all painted matte black. They create an industrial-themed feel.

The white-painted brick backdrop gives this rustic bathroom a lot of character. It’s juxtaposed with the polished concrete vanity, which has a masculine vibe.

8. Pinterest Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

This bathroom space is furnished with a decorative black soap dispenser, cotton jar, toilet brush holder, and tumbler. They bring texture and instant drama to the area.

The rustic concrete vanity top contrasts the white backdrop. The bathroom’s black decorative pieces offer a nice contrast.

9. Design Ideas for Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

A stainless-steel hand towel holder is a good match for an industrial, modern bathroom. The wooden table provides relief from the metal surfaces and keeps it surprisingly warm.

Subway tiles and hexagon tiles create a playful, contemporary feel. The greenery brings a refreshing vibe to space. Black grout and fixtures contrast nicely with the blue, white, and green of the décor.

Custom-made built-in cabinetry keeps furniture pieces to a minimum and gives this open space a chic, homey feel.

10. Target Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The homeowner integrated a stainless-steel toilet paper holder into his bathroom. He mounted it to the wall and positioned it near toilet paper rolls for convenience.

In addition, the holder stands out well on a flat backdrop. It reminds me of an industrial piece of architecture.

11. Bathroom Accessories Set in Blue Swirl

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Navy subway tiles in a stack bond pattern line the walls leading to a dramatic backdrop. They contrast beautifully with the white vanity top.

Blue toilet brush, soap dispenser, and toothbrush mug add color to the room. The hand towels unite the space.

12. Bathroom Accessories from IKEA

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

This chrome-plated ring towel holder with no visible screws created from IKEA keeps the soft grey towel off an already cluttered bathroom floor.

The towel holder, mirrored wall hanging, and plumbing accessories give the room a modern feel. The white vanity and backdrop help to open up space.

13. Bathroom Accessories Set Ideas

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

A great way to transform your bathroom is to install a luxury bathroom set made of premium stainless steel. No doubt you will notice that this material is very durable and easy to clean. All bathroom fittings, such as showerheads, faucets, towel racks, soap dishes, and more, are stainless steel.

In addition, there is space for displaying robes, towels, and toilet paper. The grey color causes the room to feel more masculine. A straightforward solution to save space is placing the towel bar near the counter and mirrors away from the door.

The shelves will match your marble bathrooms furniture, such as sinks and cabinets. You can store bathroom accessories in the cabinet to complete the room’s look.

14. Bathroom Accessories in Modern Style

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The concrete wall tiles offer a textured look. The stainless-steel soap dispenser holder and hardware celebrate modern design. All the color used in this bathroom is white.

This goes with all the other colors in the bathroom. Gorgeous bathroom vanities that have a square and rectangular shape go with these bathroom wall tile ideas.

The contrast of shapes and colors accentuate each other, like a tall bottle and a short mug. The light gray bricks in the background and the white wood cabinets let them stand out.

15. Luxury Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Slick concrete vanity and wall tile pieces seamlessly fit into an industrial space, allowing them to flow together with the metal hardware around.

The towels and ornaments are sheltered in stainless steel shelves, while the plants keep things from getting boring.

16. Themes for Monochrome Bathrooms

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

The blush pink accent wall softens the look in this black and white bathroom. A pendant light illuminates the space at night, while a soap dish with a matching design completes this monochrome theme.

The wooden pole is covered with a white shelf and black hooks. It displays soap, hand towels, books, and toothbrush holders.

17. Budget-friendly Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Are you tired of overpaying for plastic soap containers? It would help if you considered using round metal items to support your shampoo dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush mug.

The gleaming vanity top pairs perfectly with the accessories. The wood decor infuses warmth into this scene.

18. Traditional Bathroom Accessories Set

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

White walls and a vanity top are essential for cleanliness in the bathroom. They also visually stretch out space due to their light coloration.

A classic marble soap dish gives off a feeling of extravagance and luxury. It also lets your soap dry naturally without getting too hard and brittle.

19. Robe Hook for Bathroom Set

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Those metal hooks work in two ways. They look great, and they also prevent your bathrobe from sliding off the hanger.

The accessory items help create the perfect bathing space. The white backdrop allows them to stand out without overwhelming the space.

20. Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

If you’re living in an apartment, steal this idea. Attach a long wooden box with one open side to the wall using command hooks. Keep bathroom necessities inside and hand towels on top of it for easy access.

The warm caramel floor tiles and wooden accessories brighten the room. White walls make for a light space.

21. Bathroom Accessories in a Minimalist Style

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

These natural stone mosaic tiles give the bathroom a rustic effect from their eclectic design. They also provide a pleasant setting with sanitary ware in hand.

The minimalistic metal gadgets offer soap dispensers and a comb holder. They inject some glam into the bathroom.

22. Unique Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

This white toilet paper holder is made of porcelain. The sleek design makes it look timeless and sturdy at once. It has a metal finish, and it is fitted with a white roll. I love the slim feature of this holder that makes it unobtrusive. It goes well with almost any bathroom decor.

It is easy to spot the cabinet as it has a unique style. The holder oozes refinement and sophistication, adding a modern look. It can be displayed either with the glass down or up. You can choose from different sizes to fit your needs. Another great feature is that the cabinet sits high, thus making it easy to reach for you.

23. Bathroom Accessories with Toothpaste Holder

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

It is an essential objective. Create a stylish, simple toothbrush/toothpaste holder that is easy to access and incorporate into your bathroom design.

It should be something that doesn’t draw attention but instead blends in and is unobtrusive. Conceal it within your bathroom cabinet or decorate the unit with some truly unique and quirky items.

24. Bathroom Accessories with Soap Dish

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Traditionalists like us still use the old-fashioned soap dishes. We think they look great, especially when placed on a shelf in the shower or on the bathroom counter.

You’ll find many different types of soaps dishes made from natural materials, glass, and acrylic. There are also stylish, easy-to-clean dishes that can hold a lot of soap. These include round, square, and rectangular ones; some of them look great in a shower stall.

25. Bathroom Accessories with Towel Rail

Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Are you not a fan of wall hooks or rails? Why don’t you try something a little more traditional but yet works well in a modern space? Perhaps something similar to the one seen here.

You might even invest a step further and get an electric towel rail. It will give your bathroom a more polished look that goes even beyond convenience. Your guest will love your place even more.

We all know how important it is to have a clean and well-kept bathroom. I hope that you find this list of my favorite bathroom accessories ideas above very helpful.

I have found that the best strategy is first to choose what you need and then match that to what your budget can afford. Are you ready for a quick bathroom refresh?

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