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22 Inspiring Basement Bathroom Ideas You Must Try

The basement often goes overlooked in the house, but it can provide extra space in many ways, including the home office and bathroom. Check out some basement bathroom ideas below if you want to make your downstairs functional.

Whether you want to create a complete bathroom or walk-in shower on the lower level, there’s at least one design that will fit your taste. Let’s get into these bathrooms.

1. Bathroom Tiles For Moroccan Style Homes

basement bathroom design

White walls in a room give the illusion of a larger, more open space. A frameless glass enclosure keeps it bright and clean while preserving the appearance of abundant natural light.

Moroccan tiles catch the eye quickly, but curved vanity work brings a touch of tradition to space. Potted plants bring some life into the room.

2. Stunning Basement Bathroom Paint Colors

basement bathroom design

The bathroom vanity and walls are a light grey colour, which gives the space a sophisticated and inviting feel.

The wooden floor throughout the room stands in contrast to its concrete counterparts. The tile work is beautiful and captivating. Plants and flowers add pops of colour to the otherwise neutral bathroom.

3. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Light Fixtures

basement bathroom ideas

A black frame mirror and makeup vanity in the bathroom can instantly bring drama, while beige walls and sand-coloured tiles create a relaxing oasis.

The luxurious Granite vanity top provides elegance to the room, and downlights and wall sconces create a neutral feeling.

4. Contemporary Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas

The white ceiling, toilet, bathtub and vanity further make space appear larger. The cream tiles provide a welcoming atmosphere.

A natural finish on unfinished wood pulls heavily from its surroundings. Clean lines and curves play up the organic feel of the space.

5. Amazing Low Ceiling Shower Head

bathroom ideas basement

The ceiling and walls are off-white tiles for a polished finish. There’s a glass partition separating the shower from the toilet and sink.

The fixed shower head compliments the low ceiling. Pops of light blue exude beach-like ambience, and wood baskets next to a window take care of the gold metal hardware.

6. Unique Industrial Basement Bathroom Ideas

bathroom ideas basement

The black floor, countertop, and faucet lend a masculine vibe to the bathroom. In contrast, the white toilet, sink, and subway tiles create an aspirational look for this space.

Exposed pipes, metal ceiling lights, and concrete walls create an industrial aesthetic. A wooden framed mirror spruces up the flat area hung on the wall.

7. Trendy Monochrome Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas

Taking a monochrome colour scheme will not disappoint. Take this bathroom as proof of such. The black tiles and white walls evoke sophistication. The mix of lighting fixtures adds colour to the bathroom. The line is clean and easy to maintain, which also reduces costs considerably in the long run.

The frameless, full-width mirror enhances the bathroom’s attractiveness. The pedestal sink and partial wall create a relaxing environment. Beautiful and chic, the Venini mirror fits well with this bathroom’s decor. The sconces in the wall complement the mirror. Adding accessories, such as a pedestal sink, can significantly enhance a small bathroom.

8. Unique Basement Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

rustic basement bathroom

Though the marble floor and wall exude unparalleled beauty and splendour, the atmosphere they create draws attention to any other object in the room.

The mirror generates the illusion of a larger area and provides a sense of scale to the room. With a cleverly positioned mirror, you can eliminate dead corners, allowing you to make the most of every inch of space.

Pendant lights made from black glass and yellow glass hang above flowers in a wooden vase. The traditional bathroom is softened with horizontal lines and a curvy toilet.

9. Lovely Small Basement Bathroom Ideas

small basement bathroom

The palette for this half bathroom is bright white, which helps to increase the space. The mirror also plays a part in making it look bigger by reflecting other parts of the room.

The floating sink saves valuable space so that you can display your beautiful artwork. It also includes storage for those seldom used but timely household items like spare towels and the detergent you might need on a day’s notice.

10. Modern Small Bathroom Designs with Shower

small basement bathroom

The familiar presence of white walls in bathrooms makes it challenging to feel private. However, there are several design elements you can use to create an inviting bathroom environment. For instance, tiny wetrooms can be enhanced aesthetically by the use of subway and mosaic tiles.

The wood floor is a beautiful contrast to the black metal accents. Attention has been paid to foot comfort with a fluffy white rug. The shelving unit and bar are fitted with white-metal bars for a clean look. This small room is modern but at the same time warm and inviting. The brick walls lend a rustic feel to the room.

11. Rustic Basement Bathroom Ideas

rustic basement bathroom

A rustic style appeals to those who want a sense of natural materials without getting lost in them. A frameless enclosure provides a sense of cleanliness while still allowing the warmth of the natural setting to radiate into space.

The calming cream coloured walls and ceilings make a pleasant atmosphere for a morning routine. Bright light from the mirror offers soothing comfort for a beautiful morning, and the black framed mirror modernizes the space.

12. Elegant Basement Bathroom Ideas Pictures

basement bathroom ideas

The bright white walls, flooring, and matching vanity top make this bathroom look clean. The open setting makes it feel big without being overwhelming. The light fixtures are simple but also add a nice touch.

Caramel stripes and a mirror finish produce an overall calming effect in this space. The technique creates a collected look. Mirrors provide an open feeling, and their reflective surfaces are calming and pleasant. They create the illusion of a larger space, making it more inviting and exciting.

13. Creative Basement Bathroom Design Ideas

basement bathroom design

The wood vanity is located next to the glass-enclosed shower room. A mirror over the vanity maximizes light in this area.

Wall tiles make a significant impact on the beauty of your bathroom. Meanwhile, a potted plant provides both visual and emotional refreshment to every room on offer in this basement suite.

14. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Mosaic Tiles

basement bathroom ideas

The space pictured below features a glass-enclosed shower area with a toilet and sink. A variety of textured mosaic tiles have been used to give the room character and depth.

Wall sconces and urn-shaped stoneware jugs offer visual balance. A dark wooden vanity leads to a more intimate and polished bathroom.

15. Basement Bathroom Ideas to Create Feel Like at Spa

basement bathroom design

This spa bathroom is the ideal place to relax after an intense workout. You can soak in a bath or take a calming shower for some much-needed relief.

The soft colours of the wall and ceiling are calming, while the raw wood vanity blends nicely with those tones. Bare wood is a natural material, and its more rustic quality balances out the modern touches in this bathroom by giving it some originality.

16. Basement Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

bathroom ideas basement

Painting in different shades of grey adds a feeling of depth to this bathroom. White curtains provide privacy and are an inexpensive addition to the room. Even minimal colours can make a room seem like a cosy retreat.

The round mirror, ivy, and unassuming green leaves create a welcomed departure from the stark lines of the modern vanity. The warmth of the soft shag bath towel provides a sense of comfort and togetherness.

17. Basement Bathroom Design with Mirrored Cabinetry

basement bathroom design

With their frosted glass, your shower door will be as crisp and cool as an ice rink, and their reflective white cabinets will give you the perfect excuse to display your favourite outfits to their full potential.

Framed pictures are the real stars of the room as they light up and shimmer off the granite flooring. It is something that many people overlook when renovating their homes, but it is one of the simplest methods to keep a bathroom appearing brand new for an extended time.

18. Luxurious Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas

The tan walls on these otherwise white spaces contrast beautifully with the surrounding white. The shower area is also marble and has a luxurious feel.

A lack of thresholds in the shower gives a space an airy feel and keeps clean up easy. Wooden vanity, shag rug, and towels create a friendly atmosphere for relaxation.

19. Awesome Basement Full Bathroom Ideas

bathroom ideas basement

The accent wall is made out of concrete tiles, which provides the bathroom with some rustic charm. The side table works as a towel holder, which adds a homey feeling to the bathroom.

In this very room, the two of them found the sense of unity that they crave. Here, the freestanding tub, imported chandelier overhead, and wall sconce stand in harmony. Their chic minimalism defines this room.

20. Modern Bathroom Designs for Basements

basement bathroom design

Blue walls with white toilets and vanity show a clear coastal theme. The herringbone wood floor lends warmth, complementing the blue and white colour scheme.

The number of sharp edges and well-defined lines examples in modern design demonstrate simplicity. Marble or mosaic tiles keep the eye focused on any one element without being overwhelming to space.

21. Tile Basement Bathroom Floor Design

bathroom ideas basement

Brown mosaic tiles on the floor and the walls create a cosy yet moody bathroom. The dark-toned wooden vanity and black granite countertop only add to the homey atmosphere in this space.

The mirror reflects light in different directions, illuminating the room with a myriad of natural light, preventing the room from becoming too dark and drab with just a downlight or a pendant.

22. Traditional Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas

The vintage pedestal sinks and wrought iron chandelier celebrate traditional design. Mirrors add visual depth, making the room appear larger. The tranquil charm of this room would be perfect for a couple just starting out.

Utilizing an oval wooden bathtub, flagstone flooring tiles, limestone vanity tops, and stone subway tiles create a rustic feel. Windows allow the homeowner to take in a scenic view while remaining indoors.

Adding a new bathroom to your basement can be time-consuming and difficult. Luckily, you can use plenty of tips and tricks to make sure it gets done right.

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