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25 Backyard Tiles Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Attractive

Building a patio or deck is a popular way for people to enjoy the outdoors. The place can sometimes be an ideal location for a party, so you should do something impressive to make it more unique. There are some gorgeous backyard tiles ideas that you should check out.

You can take an old, boring patio with tiles and give it a fresh, new look. The options in tiles are so many that it’s easy to get confused. The right type of tiling will depend on the climate, the usage, and your preferences.

There are endless possibilities for beautifying your patio with tiles! They are durable and retain their color for a long time. From simple geometric patterns to intricate designs, you can create a luxurious and colorful environment.

1. Backyard Tile Ideas using Soapstone

backyard tiles ideas

Building and design purposes often involve the use of Soapstone. A high proportion of the mineral talc makes this metamorphic rock relatively more pliable than other stone tiles.

Whenever you touch it, you can feel that it has a soapy feel. With its smooth, non-porous surface, Soapstone has become an excellent alternative to quartz, marble, and granite.

Moreover, it is resistant to chemicals, acid, and warmth, making it an excellent option for gardens located in hot weather.

The smooth surfaces of soapstone tiles mean they won’t trap dirt or stains, so cleaning them is much easier. They are also suitable for pool decks because they do well in wet, freezing climates.

2. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Granite

backyard tiles ideas

Choosing granite tiles for your patio will be your best option if you’re looking for a durable and resilient material. The stone is metamorphic, and it can compete with shifts in atmospheric temperatures.

There are many colors of granite tiles, including crisp white and moody black, which give your backyard a high-end look.

The disadvantage of granite tiles is moisture issues, which prevent them from being installed outdoors. These are typically highly polished, so when they are wet, they are slippery.

The porous surface of the tiles will also require regular sealing to prevent water penetration.

3. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Marble

backyard tiles ideas


The sleek and elegant appearance of marble tiles makes them a popular choice. Many homeowners are attracted to this type of flooring due to its unique veined appearance.

There are different colors of marble tiles, but most people choose white tiles. A kitchen countertop may be a good choice for them since they are smooth and polished.

In the backyard, rough marble tiles are better for outdoor use because they are slip-resistant.

4. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Slate

outdoor tile ideas

The incredible heat and pressure that formed this metamorphic rock have ensured the durability and sturdiness of slate, so it makes for an excellent backyard tiles idea.

Natural slate surfaces are not as smooth as others, and that is part of their charm. Furthermore, water is barely a problem for it at all.

Some people believe that most of the stone colors are dark gray or black, but that is not true. Slate comes in brown, tan, and brown, often purple or green, making it an earthy color.

In terms of textural and pattern elements, slate is your best bet if you want to enhance your backyard.

Tiles made from slate are unique in their natural textures. They can therefore make a space visually attractive.

5. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Limestone

backyard tiles ideas

Stones like limestone hold a specific density and are generally softer and more porous than slates and granite. Although often laborious to fabricate, it remains a popular material because of its relative abundance and ease of use.

However, the most common limestone tiles are not recommended for areas with high traffic thanks to their soft texture that makes them easy to scratch and chip. Wear also appears quickly on them.

The tiles made from limestone are better suited to dry climates than those with harsh winters because they are less likely to chip when exposed to shallow temperatures.

The color of these natural stone tiles ranges from white to brown, making them an ideal choice for a patio. You should purchase non-slip versions if you want to prevent slipping accidents.

6. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Travertine

outdoor tile ideas

This substance is composed of limestone of the Travertine kind. Despite differences in texture and color, they often have many of the same characteristics. This particular variety, however, is more brittle and softer.

If you plan to use travertine tiles outdoors, you will need to seal them properly due to their porous surface.

Wet travertine tiles are prone to becoming slippery due to their highly polished surface. Others are water-resistant, like those from Turkey and Italy.

Both limestone and travertine crack easily with low temperatures. Nevertheless, it contributes a warm, golden feel when used on a patio with a moderate climate. You can certainly not overuse it.

7. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Sandstone

tile design ideas

Similarly, sandstone, a sedimentary rock with a softer composition than limestone, also imposes restrictions on construction.

Usually made up of compressed sand layers, it has a fine texture due to its compressed time.

Its soft surface, however, is prone to scratches. Therefore, it’s crucial to seal it regularly to prevent stains and water damage.

Sandstone tiles, just like travertine and limestone, are best suited to regions with a dry climate because freezing weather can be detrimental to them.

8. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Quarry

outdoor tiles design

Despite its name, natural quarries have nothing to do with this type of tile. There are also not made from natural clay but dense unglazed clay. As a result, this type of tile is excellent for any room.

Although unglazed quarry tiles are not waterproof, they are not slippery when wet.

While they are still not a common choice for regions with freezing temperatures during the winter, they are still not a common choice for everyone.

Besides having limited color variations, this type of outdoor tile has another drawback. There are only reds, browns, and grays in the palette. The quarry is also an appropriate addition to your backyard if you like Mediterranean style.

9. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Ceramic

outdoor flooring tiles

There have been many applications of ceramic tiles, both indoors and outside. In this way, you can use them in the backyard.

A wide range of ceramic tiles is available for the stylish homeowner. They are available in various colors, sizes, patterns, and costs to be suitable for any backyard.

Ceramic is one of the most common patio material choices, but it is essential to choose carefully. For this area, the tiles are not sufficiently robust. Floor tiles might be a good option.

10. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Porcelain

outdoor flooring tiles

Homeowners use porcelain tiles as one of the most popular types of flooring. Indoors and outdoors are both suitable for them.

If they are wet, porcelain tiles can be slippery due to their smooth and glossy surfaces. Therefore, they may be used indoors, such as in a living room or bedroom.

You can also find porcelain tiles with textured surfaces and Matt finishes, which are good choices for your patio.

There are many patterns and colors available in porcelain tiles. Their elegant look even resembles that of hardwood flooring.

People choose these tiles because they can perfectly match their decor, so they are so popular.

11. Backyard Tiles Ideas With Interlocking Plastic

outdoor flooring tiles

It’s a great and convenient way to lay patio tiles without getting your hands dirty. Tiles of this type are made out of plastic and have interlocking edges.

Easy installation is made possible by the interlocking edges. It is just a matter of laying the tiles out and assembling them.

In comparison to natural stone or wood, these are not the prettiest floor coverings. However, they provide a practical solution for a weathered patio.

Furthermore, the tiles are easy to remove from your patio, and it is simple to install them.

In addition to being good-looking, this type of flooring features a surface texture that prevents slipping. The hole allows water to pass through without being trapped.

12. Backyard Tiles Ideas with Diamond-Style

outdoor tile ideas

If you are looking for ideas for backyards, longevity is an essential element since the weather conditions on your patio are varied.

Patio tiles must be not only solid and durable but visually appealing to impress anyone who examines them.

An example of this patio is that it looks excellent with monochromatic colors. When diamond-shaped tiles are perfectly placed, they look like black and white squares. Incorporate them into your backyard decor to add a touch of modern flair.

13. Porcelain Tiles That Are Similar To Hardwood

tile design ideas

The minimalist design of this Japanese-style patio makes it look so elegant, as it has vigorous shrubs and maple trees for color. The charcoal gray bench has a pleasant design that can help you relax and enjoy the backyard’s modern vibe.

Porcelain tiles in brown shades are similar to hardwood flooring very closely. You can make your Japanese home look warm and elegant without spending a lot of money.

14. Porcelain Tiles Are Set Among The Gravel

outdoor tiles design

Making stepping-stones from porcelain tiles is a more affordable alternative to marble or granite, which can be extremely expensive.

The surface of this patio has a textured pattern to prevent slipping and falling. If you want to make the tile look more stylish, you can arrange it between the Gravel.

The spacing between each should be equally varied for a sleeker appearance than in typical modern backyards.

15. Stunning Glittering Stone Porcelain Tiles

outdoor flooring tiles

Porcelain tiles like these are an excellent example of their versatility and ability to match any exterior.

Despite their smooth surface, these tiles’ textured surface keeps them from becoming slippery in the rain. Their glittering pattern is reminiscent of natural stone.

16. Beautiful Blue Tiles

outdoor tile ideas

When it comes to backyard tiles ideas, slate is an excellent choice if you want to bring a natural ambiance to your patio.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles may not have the natural texture of slate tiles. Having a variation in texture will enhance your patio’s overall appearance, just as you see here.

The backyard is all decked out with amenities. The patio is complete with a stone fireplace and slate-topped grill. The deep-seated porches of this house can accommodate many backyard get-togethers.

17. Backyard Tiles Ideas for the Modern Home

backyard tiles ideas

Your backyard may be small, but that doesn’t mean it should go untouched. If you like the style of tile, covering it will give it a more finished appearance.

The modern home decor blends perfectly with the interlocking plastic tiles in this backyard. To incorporate more pattern and texture, you can lay them horizontally and vertically.

These interlocking plastic tiles are a striking contrast to the Rattan furniture, as you can see.

18. Backyard Tiles Ideas that Look Like Patchwork

backyard tiles ideas

The idea of matching is common when it comes to bringing in a united look. However, it’s not always the case. It is not a rule you must abide by if you do not wish to. We invite you to explore your ideas for backyard tiles.

You are encouraged to have a peek around our neighborhood to get a sense of what it’s like to be unique. From the bench or wall to the floor, all that is required is installing many tiles in a variety of colors and designs.

Consider saving as much as possible if you can obtain some leftovers. The only thing you need to ensure is that they have the same size.

19. Tropical Backyards with Outdoor Tiles

outdoor tile ideas

Make your backyard a tropical paradise with the feel of Hawaii and Bali. It only needs to be planted with palm trees, banana trees, or other large-flowered plants.

Consider incorporating a swimming pool or pond into it if possible.

To complete the tropical style, you can also use travertine since it uses earthy hues similar to beach sand.

20. Outdoor Mosaic Tiles for Backyard

outdoor flooring tiles

Choosing natural stone tiles is a great way to give your home a more natural appearance. Your backyard will look more interesting with the diversity.

Moreover, another benefit of installing different tiles in different spaces is that you will save time and money. It is also possible to achieve a mosaic effect.

There are numerous factors to consider when securing the best backyard tile ideas. Additionally to durability and strength, you should take into consideration the typical climate in your region.

21. Traditional Backyard Tiles with Gravel Patio

outdoor flooring tiles

Committing to a complete backyard renovation may be costly and time-demanding. If you’re looking for a simple upgrade that will make a significant difference without breaking the budget, go no further than this look from City Farmhouse.

Gravel may transform any unattractive part of an outdoor space into a beachy haven. Combine gravel flooring with classic outdoor furniture to create a welcoming space for everyone.

22. Backyard Tiles with Wood Planks

outdoor tiles design

Wood floors are often utilized for decks, while there may be a simple rear yard landing pad. Keep wood natural and incorporate darker furnishings and accents to make a statement.

This small sitting area by the designer and architect Robin Berkhuizen gives us all the summer feeling. A primary bank with excess covers and a rustic potted plant makes this outdoor area the perfect place to rest and enjoy yourself.

23. Checkerboard Tile Patio

outdoor tiles design

A reimagining checkerboard flooring in the outdoors can create a breathtaking effect, as shown here with this patio designed by West of Main. Traditional to the indoors, checkerboard can be an intelligent choice for a home lover who loves classic design with a twist. West of Main also created other patio designs with ceramic tile.

24. Slate for Outdoor Use

tile design ideas

If you’re going to use slate as your primary floor material, you’ll need a durable surface below it, like concrete. It has a matte finish which gives a unique and attractive look. Slates are natural stones, and they have a matte texture that makes them look great in interior and exterior settings.

Slate is an excellent material for outdoor use because it’s non-porous and stain-resistant. It’s also easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use. If you live in an area with excessive heat or precipitation, it’s best to seal the slate tiles to increase their longevity.

25. Quarry Tiles for Backyard

outdoor tile ideas

Quarry tiles are naturally solid and safe to stand on, making them a good choice for outdoor spaces. With slip-resistant qualities and an ability to fit any space, these tiles are a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor uses.

A ceramic Tile is a form of porcelain that’s been fired in a kiln. This process gives it a hard, non-porous surface that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It has a very natural look that adds to its attractiveness.

It does look like stone, but it’s not stone at all. Though it looks like stone, it’s not natural stone. Instead, it is prepared in a kiln, quite like regular bricks. It is ideal for areas with high foot traffic.

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