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25 Great Backyard Basketball Court Ideas You Can Steal

While a pandemic is going on, you might find it boring to remain at home all the time. It is still in your garden, so you need to play and work out. Here are some backyard basketball court ideas for you.

While you may find some good ideas with a budget that’s far out of your reach, we give you other low-cost and DIY options that will be almost as great.

We hope that these recommendations may be of use to you in reducing tension and blowing off steam.

1. Textured Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court ideas

A basketball court is usually made with concrete flooring or asphalt sub-base construction. But now you can do it more easily.

Compaction and leveling the ground to make a solid, permeable sub-base will enable you to build your basketball court in your backyard without breaking a sweat.

Then, place a woven geotextile on top of it and adjust it in place with horizontal pins.

Afterward, set up the interlocking tiles for the sub-base. To allow for expansion, leave a gap of 3/4 inch between the retaining wall and the tiles.

In the next step, drape an 8-oz needle-punch filter fabric over the tiles. The absorbent material can act as a sound barrier, which will reduce the noise levels.

In addition, it acts as a layer between the sub-base panels and the modular tiles, so there is no slipping risk.

The last step is to lay the modular plastic tiles. Since they are interlocking, you will have an easier time assembling them.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you will have a basketball court with a bit of texture that will offer more grip.

2. Budget-Friendly Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court ideas

Basketball can be exciting when you have a court in your backyard.

However, applying the paint and installing the tiles can cost you a fortune and take up a tremendous amount of your precious time.

Basketball courts do not have to be challenging to build. You can do it relatively quickly by attaching a basketball hoop and net to the wall in your backyard.

Hoops play a crucial role in establishing a basketball court. No matter how small your backyard or how limited your budget is, you can still enjoy this activity.

3. Modern Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court ideas

Multiple people can enjoy the modern backyard. The fire pit table keeps you warm during the freezing nights, while the relaxing area is perfect for a couple.

Due to its elevated elevation, it provides a view of the basketball court below.

To match this modern home, this basketball court has a minimalist design. Despite its little size, it is adequate for a single player to brush up on his abilities.

4. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas with Combo Field

backyard basketball court ideas

Basketball is a favorite pastime not only for adults and teenagers but also for kids. It is a good idea to make a court in the backyard for them.

Before you build a basketball court for them, you need to consider the height. To make sure they can access the ring, make sure they can reach it.

It’s worth copying this backyard basketball court idea. You can weld the ring to a playground climber instead of attaching it to a backboard or wall.

By doing this, your children can simultaneously play diverse kinds of games.

5. Basketball Backyard Ideas Court and Combo Golf Course

backyard basketball court ideas

Make the most of your oversized backyard. Do not let it sit idle. Taking advantage of it is an opportunity to gain the most out of it. You can combine a basketball court with a golf course.

There is a half-court basketball system in this backyard. The three-pointer isn’t full-size, but it will do in a pinch, as it allows you to shoot from the outside.

A mini-golf course is located next to the basketball court. It’s not as spacious as the actual thing, but it can always give you the excitement of this sport. Children will also be pleased to drive the ball into the hole.

6. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas and Natural Shade

backyard basketball court ideas

You can keep some of the trees in your backyard to create natural shade around your basketball court instead of cutting them all down.

Imagine what it will be like when fall arrives. The leaflets will fall from the trees and create a breathtaking sight. In addition, they will eliminate the glare from the sun so that you can play basketball even on a hot day.

7. Backyard Concrete Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court ideas

Patios are generally made of concrete or asphalt due to their durability and sturdiness.

Thus, you can also use them to build a strong backyard basketball court that allows the ball to bounce nicely.

Concrete basketball courts can, however, be harmful. The hard surface can hurt the legs and ankles. Concrete has many of the same drawbacks as asphalt. You can even tear up your shoes, skin, and ball with it.

Consider covering the concrete with a synthetic basketball court to reduce the strain on your knees and legs. Additionally, it will improve the aesthetics of your backyard.

8. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas that have a Dramatic Backdrop

backyard basketball court ideas

When you build a basketball court in your backyard, consider covering it with wire mesh to prevent the ball from bouncing outside the court.

The plain wire mesh, however, can be a bit boring. Cover it with climbing plants such as hops, trumpet vines, wisteria, morning glory, or honeysuckle to make it look more stunning.

A backboard stands in front of wire mesh. A lush green cover surrounds the fence, creating a dramatic backdrop when you try to shoot the ball into the hoop.

9. Backyard Tennis and Basketball Court Ideas

basketball court ideas

Do you want to build a basketball court or a tennis court in your backyard? Would it be possible to construct them both?

A private basketball court and a tennis court would require a lot of budget and space, you might think. It shouldn’t be so complicated and painful.

Get more fun with this backyard basketball court idea. It’s the site that you should visit if you’re keen on exercising and playing simultaneously.

If you desire this combination, you must first create the sub-base before covering it with a sports court that is easy on the knees and legs. Be sure to install a wire mesh fence around it to catch any bouncing balls.

Tennis nets are not permanent. Therefore, you can fold it and store it in your garage when not in use.

10. Backyard Multipurpose Basketball Court Ideas

basketball court ideas

The backyard is not a dead end. Small spaces are fun, so don’t underestimate their potential. This device is capable of doing a lot despite its compact size.

Within a small area, this backyard has enough space for many games. You can play basketball, bowl, chess, and darts at the same time.

11. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas with Net

basketball court ideas

Using this combination, you can make your sport court at home. The arena is surrounded by a distressed wood fence, which adds a rustic touch to space and keeps the balls in.

There is a backboard hanging on the fence, as well as a net. Basketball or soccer can be played whenever you like in this kind of construction.

Additionally, the net beneath the hoop will catch the soccer ball and the basketball, preventing you from constantly chasing after the bouncing ball.

12. Swimming Pool with Backyard Playing Basketball

basketball court ideas

How about playing basketball in the water? Is it not possible? Swimming is also possible if you play it. However, it will be different from doing it on a sports court.

You will be unable to bounce the ball at this location. In basketball, you can only pass the ball to a hoop attached to a backboard. You will have so much fun if you play this game with your friends.

13. Backyard Inflatable Basketball Court Ideas

basketball court ideas

If you want to make a basketball court for your kids, but you’re not willing to create a permanent one in your backyard, what can you do? You can choose this inflatable one.

With an air blower, this gadget takes less than two minutes to prepare. If you’re looking for hoops, backboards, and court lines, you’ve come to the right place.

The majority of inflatable basketball courts are durable and robust. To ensure stability, it is usually a good idea to utilize an anchoring system.

14. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas in a Patio

backyard basketball court ideas

Just like this patio, you can play basketball anywhere in your backyard as long as it is spacious enough.

The patio is large enough to accommodate multiple users. Relax by the fire pit while watching your kids try to shoot the ball into the ring.

According to FIBA regulations, it may not meet the standards of an ideal basketball court, but it still provides the chance to blow off steam. Having this plant in your tropical garden could be a good choice.

15. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas for Kids

basketball court ideas

Any kid would love this backyard. It has everything they need to stay active and happy.

There are various monkey bars, gymnastic rings, and mini wall climbing that your kids can use for climbing and other physical activities.

There is also a backboard and a hoop in this mini playground. It is not too high, so your child will have an easier time making a score.

16. Backyard Basketball Court Ideas with Colorful Backboard

basketball court ideas

What says a backboard has to be monochromatic? It would be fun if you played with colors to add even more fun.

The backboard has shown you that there is nothing wrong with being vivid. Featuring a rainbow of shades, it brings good vibes to your backyard. It also adds a bit of retro flair.

17. Rustic Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court ideas

Basketball courts should be enclosed with a fence to stop the ball from bouncing outside the arena. Additionally, it adds some privacy.

An example of this is this backyard, which features a rustic-looking corrugated fence.

You will have the ultimate privacy you have been looking for since it blocks the view nicely, preventing neighbors from seeing into your house.

18. Luxurious Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court ideas

With this oversized backyard, you can play various sports and invite your friends or neighbors to come over and join you.

There are half-court basketball courts as well as tennis courts. The mini-golf course next to it is a great place to enjoy family time and time with your friends.

19. Small Basketball Court Ideas

basketball court ideas

Your kids will have fun exploring their imaginations in this backyard playhouse with a slide. They can jump on the basketball court next to it if they get bored and want to stay active.

The basketball court is not fancy, but it can provide them with a lot of fun.

20. Backyard Basketball Court for All

backyard basketball court

Basketball is often seen as a game for tall people. However, that is not always the case. Like this one, you can build a sports court in your backyard for anyone to use.

There are two adjustable hoops on this basketball court. You can set them to meet the needs of any user, from kids to adults.

21. Movable Basketball Court

backyard basketball court

Suppose you don’t have time to build an elaborate basketball court featuring a geotextile layer, modular tiles, and court markings. In such a case, you may wish to examine these portable postings.

Having casters on this basketball post allows you to move it from the garage to the driveway or vice versa. The base is lightweight, so you can easily carry it.

It also features an adjustable rod so that your child can still use it as he grows.

22. Portable Basketball Hoop Ideas

backyard basketball court

Would you like to play basketball, but you lack the funds or space to build a court? Do not worry. Obtain an affordable portable hoop, and you are good to go.

With this hoop, you can transform your driveway into a sports court. Enjoy your favorite sport by pulling it behind your garage door or storage area.

23. Concrete Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

backyard basketball court

Concrete floors can withstand balls well. The bounce of a leather or rubber basketball on concrete will be much higher than on other kinds of flooring.

Concrete basketball courts are relatively inexpensive to install. However, they tend to be expensive to maintain due to their proneness to cracking and acquiring potholes due to friction and impacts.

24. Poolside Balling Court Ideas

backyard basketball court

When you finish playing, imagine shooting some hoops and going to the pool to cool off. It is a good idea, but please take care not to break any windows or doors since you may also want to practice shooting from the pool.

25. Backyard Basketball Courts with Field Houses

backyard basketball court ideas

Is there space in your backyard for a basketball court of full size? There are two backboards, free throw lanes, keys, marking lines, and a field house on the court. The house can be used as a storage room for things outdoors.

There is no shortage of fun to be had with those backyard basketball court ideas. Even if you stay at home all day, you will not feel bored anymore because you can play various sports and games.

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