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      1. CEO

        I am very happy with you in this modern network acquaintance, is a huge modern media network, the liberation of the human life, also reduced the time and space.In the vast and growing in the concept of the universe, there are things you will never forget, that is " the Milky way ". The company has a broad mind, open spirit, the concept of the eternal, as the root, to the letter-based, like the general light up this space, let know it was light, feel great, feel the warmth!The company is a modern textile enterprises, also the advanced culture to explore the practitioners, we have excellent cultural tradition, good spirit of enterprise, " a dragon, and brand extension blueprint " is our corporate quality policy, dedicated to the " eternal integrity, " Galactic culture as the development and extension of Oriental culture.We strive for excellence, the pursuit of your satisfaction, " the Milky Way " is the common wealth of mankind eternal rivers, as long as we import, always life and growth in nature.

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